5 Reasons to Convert to Spinning


1401190128_img_6322_fotor On May 24, LAX Gym & Lounge and The Fitness Playground in El Gouna held Egypt and the Middle East’s first ever spinning marathon.

An international event five years in the making, the five-hour spinning session featured top guest instructors from around the region and world, a gorgeous view at Club 88 and a vibrant and energetic community of participants and spectators.

Organized by spinning instructor, TFP founder and inspiring fitness guru Nirvana Zaher, the El Gouna International Spinning Marathon 2014 was one hell of an endorphin party and a resounding success.

We can’t for next year!


1. The instructors

Master Spinning instructor Stefan Amiri and TFP founder Nirvana Zaher leading the pack at EGISM 2014. (HumanEye.tv)

Any Spinner will tell you that the instructor can make or break a class. The best ones, in our humble opinion, don’t only motivate you to push past your boundaries and set a model example for doing so, they also make you laugh! In short, they make it fun, which is an important part of any successful Spinning session.


2. The community


Spinners will jokingly tell you that it’s a cult, with its legions of enthused, spirited and obsessed followers. In reality, it’s more than that – it’s a community, with fellow Spinners generously supporting and encouraging each other to surpass their goals for fitness and well-being.


3. Low-impact cardio


Spinning is perfect for people with joint problems who still crave cardio. With vigorous effort, you can burn 500 – 700 calories in an hour!


4. The music

Instructors Gina Grant and Petra Smith with The Digital Monkeys on stage playing live drums and a cordless saxophone to accompany the DJ’s melodic deep house set at EGISM 2014. (HumanEye.tv)

It wouldn’t be a true endorphin party without good music! And Spinners know that the right playlist – one that rises and falls with each hill – can push a session to the next level.


5. The endorphins


Endorphins are a satisfying reward of any good workout, but for some reason, your endorphin high is different with Spinning – probably because of the combination of all of the above. We’re hooked!


WE SAID THIS: Congratulations to Nirvana Zaher and everyone at LAX Gym and TFP for an amazing marathon and well done to all the dedicated participants!