The Art of Disappearing


It’s kind of weird to think that after all these years of thinking of a “time-out” as a punishment, the only thing I’m in need of in present life is just that.

But question is, how does one reach “that”? How can you shut yourself out of your daily surroundings, the company around you, the talks, the stress, etc.

How do you do it without hurting those around you? How do you disappear from your fiancé? Work? Your sister? Your girlfriends?

Do you just kind of escape? As in physically leave? What if that isn’t possible? Do you lock yourself up? Pretend to be dead? Do you do it suddenly? Gradually?

Social media: The mother of all social illusion. Even if you do manage to disappear – as in physically vanish – you’re still actually there. A clone of you exists everywhere, in various html codes, those little pixels that make up your Facebook profile picture, or those words that have your tweets (your thoughts) plastered out there in the Internet ether. You’re still there. Sure, you can choose to delete yourself or deactivate, but you’re never really gone.

Think about it.

Keep your “likes”, your comments and your retweets. I don’t want them.

WhatsApp: “Where the fuck are you?” Double tick. Last seen.

I’m not here. Leave me alone.

It’s not that you’re anti social, no. On the contrary, you like to believe you’re quite the cool person to hang with, but you break. You don’t want to speak, you want to write, draw, read. You don’t want to socialize; you want a beach house in the middle of nowhere.

So let’s say you finally manage to do it. You’re gone. No one knows a thing about you. What happens when you re-appear? I mean, you’re going to have to show up sooner or later, no? Are you really ready for the million and one questions and inquiries? My mind hurts just thinking about it. Maybe disappearing isn’t such a good idea after all. Maybe it is. I don’t know.

There are too many questions is this article. I need answers. And a therapist. (Preferably to lock me up in an asylum –and that’s what you call a disappearing act.)



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