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Quick Tips to Help You Find a Great Tour Guide

By Larisa Wong The travel industry is not complete without tour guides. Being a tour guide is more than just…


Dubai’s Restaurants Will Soon Have to Display Their Meals’ Calorie…

All of Dubai's cafes and restaurants are to start displaying their meals' calorie counts for customers starting

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The End of an Era – Game of Thrones Bows Out in Glorious Finale

Spoilers for the Game of Thrones series finale follow. If you are not up to date, do not read on. It’s all

Behind The Scenes: Egyptian Actor Mena Massoud’s Road to Becoming Aladdin

An Egyptian name that is on every media platform this month is Mena Massoud. The Egyptian-Canadian actor scored

DMC Features Sign Language Interpreter in Zilzal TV Series

Last year, Egyptian satellite channel, DMC, went viral for hiring the first ever Down's syndrome tv host, Rahma

Shereen Reda Gets Pranked by Ramez Galal

I think by now it's obvious to everyone that Ramez Galal'z prank shows are staged. No one knows to what extent,

Cima Masr: Everything You Need to Know About the Project Reviving…

Egypt is seen by many as the Hollywood of the Middle East. For decades, it has been a pioneer of the region's film

The National Cancer Institute’s ‘We Can Do It’…

If you haven't watched this Ramadan's National Cancer Institute (NCI) ad campaign yet, you're missing out! It

Beirut Theater Celebrates 100 Years of Movie Magic In Cannes

A Lebanese night in Cannes! Empire, the Beruit-based cinema celebrated it’s 100th-anniversary last night at

This Record Breaking Sculpture Just Sold for Over Dhs 300 million

By: Sarah Alblowi Who knew, the world’s most expensive art by a living artist, was a 1986 shiny balloon animal?

Dubai Summer Surprises Is Back for Its 22nd Edition!

The summer festival returns once again for its 22nd edition starting from June 21st to August 3rd and we can't be

Sorry Everyone But Pepsi’s Ramadan Ad Just Won the This Seasons…

While most tv series' this year have lacked in that awe factor, leaving viewers in a state of meh, the TV ads'


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Exams in Ramadan: How to Pull It Off?

By Muhammed Aladdin Once again, Ramadan has fallen around the same time during exam season; it is the sixth year in a row this happens in Egypt, and hopefully, the last. The concurrence is a result of the Islamic calendar following a…