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The Biggest Music and Lantern Festival Is Coming to the Dubai Desert

Mark your calendars for November 8th as thousands of festival goers will be lighting up the Dubai desert! The

Egyptian Celebrities Take on FaceApp Challenge And It’s the Funniest Thing

The latest trend to take over our lives and newfeeds is intentionally and gladly adding wrinkles to our faces.

Musicians Syndicate Bans Mahraganat Music in Sahel

Egypt's Musicians Syndicate has repeatedly expressed its concern regarding the rapidly-growing genre of

Egyptian Divers Launch Initiative to Clean the River Nile Next Month

A cause that Egypt has paid so much attention to this year is plastic and water pollution. Earlier this year, the

This Moroccan Photographer Mixes Arab and Western Heritages Into…

Self-taught photographer, Mous Lamrabat, mixes Moroccan heritage with a Western twist. The undoubtedly unique

Exclusive: Interview With the Lebanese Actress/Singer Dolly Shahine!

Lebanon has blessed the Arab World with some of the most beautiful and talented artists in the region. This

Your Guide to the North Coast’s Beaches and Nightclubs this…

Egypt's North Coast is hands down the place to be in the summer, every summer. The entire party scene in Egypt

After Nine Years, the Cairo International Biennale for Visual Arts…

In 1984, when the International Biennale for Visual Arts was first inaugurated, little did people know that it

K-Pop Groups Exo and BTS to Get Stars at Dubai Walk of Fame

By Heba Tallah Mohamed The music was heard at the Dubai Fountain and people saw their faces presented on the

Everything You Need to Know About Egypt’s First Ever Animated…

When it comes to animation, the Middle East and North Africa - Egypt in particular - is known for its series.


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Can Birth Control Really Improve Acne?

Whether you have mild or severe acne, there are different treatment options to take advantage of. Did you know birth control is one of those options? You'll need to speak with your doctor or dermatologist about getting a prescription for

Sahel’s Best Workout Venues This Year

Summer is upon us and staying in shape is no joke to any fitness guru. If you regulary workout in Cairo or Alex, leaving your home for a fun weekend in Sahel and breaking your routine might sound troubling. You don't need to worry this