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Your Guide to Road Trips in and Around the UAE

With a few days between us and summertime, many of the UAE's residents are already packing their bags and getting


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Adel Imam Breaks Silence on Cancelling 2019 Ramadan Series

This year's Ramadan TV season has been anything but fulfilling. For decades, Adel Imam, Youssra, and Yehia

A Brief History of the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir

For much of Egypt's modern history, this pink by day, orange by night building complex solemnly stood as a witness

Saudi Authorities Shut Down Nightclub on Opening Night in Jeddah

The internet had a blast creating memes when news came out that Lebanon and Dubai-based nightclub, White, was

This Thursday: Don’t Miss Fête de la Musique’s 2019…

By Ayten Talaat Fête de la Musique, also known as “Music Day” will be back for its 31st Egyptian edition on

Saudi Women Perform in Jeddah Street Play

By Heba Tallah Mohamed Art has always been a part of our lives. Humans throughout history have been expressing

[Exclusive] We Interviewed Jinn’s Mira and Keras!

The Middle East's entertainment industry was reshaped when Netflix announced they were producing their first ever

Netflix MENA Defends Jinn Cast Amidst Social Media Backlash

Netflix has finally released it's first original Arabic series, Jinn, yet the show has caused quite an uproar.

7 Arabic Novels You Must Read This Summer

By Farah Mahgoub Whether you have travel plans or not this summer, reading a good book will make your vacation

This Cairo-based Photographer Will Make You Fall in Love With the…

At a time when high-definition cameras are more ubiquitous than ever before, finding pure talent is hard. The

Mohamed Ramadan Mocked on Social Media After New Music Video

By Ayten Talaat On the 11th of June, Mohamed Ramadan released a teaser for his new song, "Baba", on Youtube.


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How to Avoid Burnout in the Workplace

At some point in your career, you must have experienced the inevitable stressful work day that pushed you to question the purpose behind it all. You find yourself screaming: "I'm done!" We have all been there, and this suffocating feeling