Parents Explaining What Being Muslim Means Today Will Break Your Heart

Being a Muslim in the Middle East is no walk in the park. The constant acts of terrorism and hatred make it very difficult for outsiders to see the peaceful and selfless religion we believe in. You have a constant urge to defend your faith, your belief and assure everyone around you that Islam is nothing but compassion for others and life. Now multiply that feeling by a 100 if you find yourself in the West.

A new video from the Jubilee Project shows what is on every Muslim’s mind. The video starts with the parents explaining to their kids what it means to grow up Muslim, what misconceptions they will be faced with, how at times you will feel that the world would feel they’re better off without Islam and how to never lose faith in themselves or the world.

WE SAID THIS: You go, Jubilee Project! This is a beautiful, beautiful video.