Under the Radar … Here are 5 Algerian Multi Millionaires That You Should Know About!

By Febronia Hanna

The only billionaire Algeria has is Issad Rebrab, he is the owner of Algeria’s biggest company, Cevital, which is a sugar refinery company that produces about 2 million tons a year, Although, he is alone in his wealth, there are other 5 multibillionaires worthy of recognition.

Abdelmadjid Kerrar

via ElWatan

He is the founder of BioPharm which is a large pharmaceutical company that manufactures and distributes drugs, BioPharm employs more than 1,500 people and gets more than $500 million revenues last year.

Ali Haddad

via Algerie Patriotique

He is the 52-year-old founder of ETRHB Haddad Group with an annual revenue of $500 million, it’s very impressive that he’d founded this company at the age of 32, he is also the controlling shareholder of the Algerian club USM Alger that plays in the Algerian Premier League.

Mohamed Laid Benamor

via DIA

He is the head of the Benamor Group, which is one of the most successful food companies in Algeria. This company makes more than $80 million as an annual revenue.

Abderrahmane Benhamadi

via Algerie Eco

This big guy owns the Condor Group which manufactures and distributes air conditioners, televisions, satellite receivers, washing machines, refrigerators, smartphones, tablets, gas cookers, microwaves, desktops and laptops, with an annual revenue of $700 million.

Djilali Mehri

via Algerie part

This 80-year-old guy owns the Mehri Group; the sole bottler of all Pepsi products, and the owner of many luxurious hotels.

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