Redbull Took Over The Citadel For A Night In Partnership With MINT by EGBANK

MINT by EGBANK partnered with Red Bull to sponsor an event like no other. They took over the Citadel to host the Red Bull Symphonic concert on Friday July 8. 

The event featured Cairokee’s music played by the Cairo Symphony Orchestra led by Maestro Nayer Nagy. 

EGBANK hosted a competition on Instagram and through it, chose two lucky winners to attend the event.

The competition included three questions, one about MINT by EGBANK, the second about Red Bull and the third about Cairokee. 

The MINT booth sat proudly in the middle of the Citadel, hosting a number of activities for its audience to take part in.

It had a beautiful backdrop with the MINT logo and a set of colorful wings for people to take pictures in front of. The booth had a photographer with a polaroid camera to take polaroid pictures of its audience in front of the backdrop.

MINT also gave its audience the chance to experience stage diving, they took pictures of the event’s attendees on a trampoline with a green screen behind them, which they then edited to make it seem like the attendees are stage diving.

MINT was pushing people out of their comfort zone, having them do fun dares like sing their favorite song for ten seconds or meditate.

And following the concert, MINT went around asking people how they felt while listening to Cairokee’s music played by the orchestra. 

The fun-filled event had its attendees entertained from the second they walked into the Citadel until the moment they left, ensuring to give them a night they will never forget, succeeding in its goal of reaching the youth.

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