EGBANK Launches a Happiness Campaign with Sherif Fayed

All Arab countries are well-known for their hospitality and Egypt is no exception. If you’re visiting Egypt at the moment, I’m sure by now you’re well aware that Egyptians are the kindest people in the world who will always have a cup of tea for you. It’s not just that, this rich country has a lot to offer for you. I can bet you that you’d cross so many things off your bucket list that you’ll have to sit down to come up with more!

Egypt is literally one of the most diverse countries you will ever visit. Whatever type of holiday person you are, there’s always something for everyone.

Just recently, I have noticed the Egyptian vlogger, viner, actor, model, and Instagram mogul, Sherif Fayed posting non-stop on his social media account, videos and images of him enjoying his travels all around Egypt. From Fayoum to Dahab to many more mesmerizing locations that would just take your breath away!

Via Instagram

Fayed has decided to enjoy his country and travel all around for 120 days, he’s basically going to teach us how to have fun. However, the question now is, why is he doing this for 120 days? Scroll down to find out…

EGBANK has recently promoted its Happiness Campaign in cooperation with its happiness ambassador – Sherif Fayed. He chose the most fun and active way to show people how to spend 120 days of happiness around Egypt. According to Fayed, you can always enjoy your country’s simple pleasures like taking a boat ride along the Nile. Also, domestic trips are very popular, as our beloved country offers the most beautiful spots to visit.

Our favorite bank has recently launched a new digital campaign called Grace Period Loan which for the first time in Egypt, will allow you to pay the first installment after four months and the loan amount is up to 500k! Not only that; the loan tenor is up to 10 years which means you get to have 120 days of happiness not worrying about your installments.

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