From Mena Massoud to Yasmeen El Raess: 10 Virgo Kings and Queens

It’s Virgo season! Starting from August 22nd up until September 22nd is the time for the Virgo kings and queens’ reign. Virgos are known for their loyalty, reliability, intelligence, and strong memory! Their love for reason and arts is incompatible with any other zodiac sign. They’re analysts, cautious, and think through every decision. In order to celebrate the alignment of the stars, here are 10 Arab Virgo celebrities. Our kings and queens!

Khaled El Nabawy

Khaled El Nabawy certainly doesn’t look 55 years-old, but his birthday is on the 12th of September! This international Egyptian actor sits on the throne of Virgos.

Hany Adel

The Egyptian singer turned 45 on September 8th, and if you take a look at him and Khaled El Nabawy, you’d find the common charismatic appearance that Virgos share.


The Egyptian rapper, Ahmed Ali, also known as Wegz, just turned 23 this year on September 12th. His fame and rise to stardom at the age of 23 is not a surprise for a Virgo!

Yasmeen Raess

The Egyptian actress turned 36 on September 15th this year! Although it isn’t unusual for a Virgo to stand out in regards to their looks and personality, Raess certainly proves this yet again.

Moustafa Amar

The son of Alexandria, Moustafa Amar turns 55 on September 22nd, right on the cusp of the Virgo/Libra sign. A Virgo like others on this list, but one of a kind nonetheless.

Heidy Karam

The hostess and actress’s age seems frozen in time. Karam turned 41 on August 27th, and well, it’s no surprise that Virgos are forever youthful!

Akram Hosny

The hilarious comedian turned 47 on September 10th this year. Are you surprised to find a funny Virgo? Probably not.

Mena Massoud

The Egyptian international actor turns 30 on September 17th this year. Massoud is an example of a typical Virgo, one who’s born to shine.

Mohamed Imam

The hilarious actor Mohamed Imam turns 37 this year on September 16th. You’d be lying if you said Imam doesn’t shine brighter than his costars on-screen.

Youssef El Sherif

El Sherif turned 43 this year on September 14th, and is always unique in regards to his choice of work. He couldn’t conform if he tried to.

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