Egypt’s Plan To Produce Moderna Vaccine

Egypt is as usual, ahead of the game when it comes to vaccinations. With a keen spirit to meticulously vaccinate all the Egyptian people, the government seeks to manufacture the Moderna vaccine locally. The government has already secured resources and started to manufacture 2 other types of vaccines: Astrazeneca’s and the Chinese Sinovac.

via BBC

The vaccination campaign in Egypt continues to gain steam. Doses of the Sputnik, Pfizer, and Moderna vaccines have already arrived in Egypt in early September. Moreover, Representatives from Moderna expressed their readiness to further supply Egypt with more batches to come.

In a statement, Khaled Mujahid, the assistant minister of health and population and The spokesperson, affirmed that a meeting was held between Egyptian officials and Moderna executives. This meeting was to ensure a continuing supply of the vaccine. Also discussed, were ways to manufacture it in Egypt.

The goal of such local production is not only to satiate Egypt’s vaccine needs and to ensure it reaches every citizen. It is also to export the much-needed doses to African countries. The Egyptian government set optimistic goals when it comes to producing doses locally. The goal is about 1 billion doses annually of the Sinovac vaccine. This along with other production deals props up Egypt to be the largest producer of vaccines in Africa and the Middle East.

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