Iconic Moments in Egyptian Cinema That Remain Eternally Timeless

The Egyptian film industry is rich with some content and heated discussions that leave you at the edge of your seat, no matter how many times you re-watch them! Playing on the emotional appeal, some great artworks sure knew how to pull at our heartstrings, touching our souls with the down to earth dialogues, along with the depiction of some hard situations many go through in life. We see ourselves embodied through some of our favorite characters gracing the screens, and showing off their acting skills throughout their portrayals in emotional scenes.

Sahar El-Layali

A scene you might have slightly forgotten the dialogue of was between Mona Zaki and Ashraf Abdelwahab. The wife finally confronts her husband with the fact that she knows he is constantly having affairs. Abdelwahab first denies it, then slowly starts to collapse and promise his wife that he’ll never do it again. Despite the countless times he’s cheated throughout the course of their relationship, his heart never skipped a beat for someone else but her.

The iconic scene sure gives you chills whenever you revisit it. If you actually watched the ‘behind the scenes’ version, we guranatee you won’t stop sobbing, just like the actor and actress couldn’t. Both Mona Zaki and Ashraf Abdelwahab couldn’t hold themselves together, and were actually crying while filming the scene, and after they were done. The tears you saw in the movie were real.

Baheb El Cima

Mahmoud Hemeida is the kind of actor who can easily and spontaneously convince you with whatever mindset he represents or experiences throughout his fictional characters. Upon depicting his inner conflicts and religious fears throughout a conversation he was having with Dod..it sure left us feeling something.


Well, Tito has loads of scenes that we can consider emotional and dramatic, but one specific scene that really stood out was when Tito’s fiancé, Hanan Turk, discovered the true person he is. A criminal who has committed dozens of murders and theft operations. Even though he transforms into a new person so he can fit in with his new respectful family that he wishes to be a part of, and while the two characters loved one another dearly, it wasn’t enough. As Hanan clearly puts it, “I said we should help people have better lives before they turn into criminals, but that doesn’t mean that I should marry one of them..” OUCH!

Asef Ala El Iz3ag

This movie includes two scenes actually, and we can’t decide which one is sadder. The first one was of course, the way Helmy snaps at his mom upon finding out that he’s actually sick, and that his father, who he still sees and talks to – has actually died many years ago. To add salt to the injury, a few days later, he discovers that the girl he’s been living a love story with for a while, is too, imaginary and non-existent. He reviews the picture, only to find himself standing alone or taking pictures of nothing but plain air.

El Alamy

Remember when the Alamy movie was showcasing a beautiful siblings relationship between a twin boy and girl? They were inseparable, and were always rooting for one another to pursue their dreams. Well, the girl being hit by a microbus and getting killed as she was trying catch her angry brother, who just had a fight with their father regarding his football career, sure left us traumatized for a long time.

Enta Omry

A masterpiece to call the least, is the great Enta Omry movie that was literally an emotional roller-coaster. Through the leading characters, you sympathize with their situations, condemn some of the actions, and most of all, can’t help but unconditionally love and accept the weaknesses they go through. In many scenes including Menna Shalaby, she was shattered and outraged after finding out that her beloved husband Youssef was hiding the reality of his cancer diagnoses. Later she finds out that he left his family and decided to disappear, only to fall in love with another cancer patient. A truly moving moment.

Via Cinema

All the dialogues that included her first being furious and unforgiving about the cheating, then people trying to talk her out of it, approaching her from a harsh angle. She’d be killing him by asking him for her simple right to not be with another woman. Finally, she gives in and tells her own husband to go back to his lover, to give them both a chance to live longer.

We find ourselves crying our eyes out for literally every character’s situation, because although there were seriously some huge mistakes happening, there were no bad guys in the story. Just unfortunate consequences, and a lethal disease that made two individuals make irrational decisions in an attempt to find a ray of hope amid a dark tunnel, as Nelly described it in one of the scenes.


Who wouldn’t recall this duo and match made in heaven? Adel Emam and Saeed Saleh have always been friends and companions along the way of pursuing an art career. We’ve never laughed harder watching them bully their teacher in the famous Madraset El Moshaghbeen play. We certainly couldn’t feel sadder watching Saeed Saleh’s health deteriorating and seeing him in one last scene in Al Zahaymar, reflecting a pretty realistic picture of how things have become. Adel Emam’s crying in this scene was real, because he was sad for his life companion’s physical and mental state in the last days before his passing. A scene that definitely deserves to be amongst the top emotional scenes list!

Wahed Saheeh

Another masterpiece filled with tragic situation portrayals. Should we start with Amr Youssef’s Fady separating from the wife he admires, Basma, because he knows that she’s secretly in love with his best friend Hany Salama? Or with Basma, who keeps setting Salama up with girls to find the perfect one for marriage, whilst she herself is crazy about him? Or Kinda Alloush and her religious restrictions that stand in the way between her and Salama, her only true love? We’ll leave that for you to decide.

Men 30 Sana

Remember that breath-taking scene when the entire family of Sherif Mouneer and Ahmed El Sakka were stuck and drowning in a car? We were literally on the edge of our seats, hardly taking our breaths, as we hoped they would make it out alive. And when the gorgeous Mervat Amin started smiling and pressing her hand against the window, implying an inevitable farewell, this certainly was one very touching scene! Especially with Sherif Mouneer helplessly trying to save them and struggling underwater..well, before we knew that he was the devil in disguise who actually planned their murder! On another note, the behind the scenes were pretty fun!

3an el 3eshq w el hawa

Another Mona Zaki movie that left us in tears, was the star studded movie 3an el 3eshq w el hawa, one that deserves all the prizes in the world for combining all the elements for a perfect movie. The emotional havoc that took place following the movie cannot be described, and the number of emotional scenes that took place simply cannot be encapsulated into one article.

When Ahmed El Sakka found out that he can never marry Alia, the love of his life, because of her sister’s disrespectful job, and not having the courage to tell Mona Zaki why he left. The way Mona Zaki’s life turned upside down following their breakup, and engaging in a toxic relationship with an addict (Magdy Kamel). Then having to go through a miscarriage, and not being able to let go of her love for El Sakka. And then Bushra finding out that her seven year-husband is actually married to another woman, and is having a baby with her. There were so many outstanding performances, emotional scenes, and detailed depictions of the reality for so many individuals in society. We were just left speechless.

That moment with Magdy Kamel’s legendary scene, when he snapped and defamed Mona Zaki in the middle of their neighborhood while he was drunk after she broke up with him. Magdy stated that he had to stop eating everything except oranges for three days to look authentically pale and ill, and mentioned that the scene was too intense and real, that he fainted in between the shots several times.

Alf Mabrouk

A spoiled man who suddenly opens his eyes to many of the issues he was oblivious to. His mother’s illness, and his dad taking loans just to fulfill Helmy’s marriage needs, alongside his sister, who he finds out is in a relationship with his best friend. She was very reluctant to tell him, because she labeled him as a ‘self centered’ man, and made him transform 180 degrees in a single day. He tried to make it up to all his loved ones and show them support throughout the one day opportunity he was given, and ended up sacrificing his life just to save his family, and pay back an overdue debt.

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