Etihad Rail Teams Up With Arsenale Group For The Ultimate Luxury Train Experience

All aboard the luxury UAE train! For the ultimate luxury sightseeing experience, Etihad Rail has teamed up with Italy’s Arsenale Group to launch the beginning of upscale travel. Here’s all you need to know about traveling in style.

Across 15 carriages, you’re in for a journey that will take a picturesque tour from Fujairah to Abu Dhabi in addition to also passing by Dubai where you’ll be able to spot some beauty such as Oman’s and the Liwa Desert.

The new carriages are inspired by Emirati heritage while upholding the Italian craftsmanship quality.

Commenting on the novel collaboration, Etihad Rail said, “our collaboration with Arsenale is a testament to Etihad Rail’s commitment to drive economic and social growth in the UAE through the National Rail Network.”

The luxury experience comes with the hope of creating a unique world-class experience to boost the tourism experience.

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