Are Generic Medications As Good As The Branded Alternatives?

Medication can be expensive, particularly if you have a number of repeat prescriptions as well as other generic medications such as pain killers. However, could there be a way to cut the costs by opting for generic names rather than the more expensive branded option? In this article, we will be looking into whether there is any difference and whether or not you should opt for the generic brands. 

Branded tablets cost more 

When looking at purchasing medication, you may well notice that branded tablets tend to cost more than the generic brand. However, there is very little separating the two. When it comes to buy sildenafil, for example, you will find very little difference between branded and unbranded meaning that you can save money in the long term. Though in some cases it is recommended to buy the branded alternative, often time generic alternatives are the perfect way to save money. 

The concentrations differ slightly 

Though there is very little differentiation between branded and non-branded medication, it is important to note that there can be as much as a 3% difference in concentration of the ingredients found in branded when compared to unbranded. Though this may seem like a significant difference, studies have shown that there is little to no difference in the effects it has once taken. This is key to cutting costs on medication as you can purchase paracetamol and ibuprofen from a number of different stores such as supermarkets and pharmacies up and down the country.  

The supplier does not affect anything 

Because of these small changes that are in branded and unbranded medication it is proven that the supplier does not matter. This, therefore, means that you can purchase medication from a supermarket as well as in the pharmacy giving you a number of options should you need to purchase some urgently. Though it is advised to see a doctor before purchasing medication, this makes purchasing pain medication much easier allowing you to keep stock of medication in a medicine box or cupboard without the need of a prescription. This is therefore beneficial as this can help to streamline the process and provide you with painkillers that you need. 

They all follow the same recipes 

In addition to this generic and branded medication, all follow the same recipe meaning that any medication that you buy from a supermarket will have the same effect as those that can be bought in a pharmacy. This is beneficial for medicines such as cold and flu tablets and general pain killers as you can then help to cut the costs without compromising on the quality of the medication that you are getting. This is crucial as this will provide you with the same result as the branded tablets without having to pay leading prices. 

Whether you are looking to purchase medication online, or you are curious about the difference between branded medication and the cheaper alternatives, there is a very minimal difference, meaning that you can save money whilst having the medication that you need. 

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