This Is Probably the Best Thing That Happened in Sahel in a While

Sahel has always been the ultimate summer destination for everyone, but in the recent years it has become more crowded, and let’s say, not as simple as it used to be. In the old days when Sahel was all about family get-togethers in a small Chalet in an isolated resort. Today, it’s not just about the beach; playing racquet has been replaced with pool parties.

Even all-nighters are no longer the same; instead of staying up late for a game of cards or Risk, we head to the hottest clubs on the coastline. Yes, this all sounds cool and fun, but it has become too hectic to handle. One of the most crucial things we always worry about is driving around from one resort to another and finding a parking spot when the lot’s packed. However, Careem this year made it all a piece of cake!

Yes, ridesharing apps made it to Sahel a while ago, but Careem decided to do things differently this year with their new campaign, Matetsehelsh Fel Sahel. The company’s fleet won’t just be there to drive people around compounds and resorts, they made things easier by introducing two more services. Now you can find Careem’s golf carts in Hacienda Bay, Marassi, and Telal.


كل صيف بيبقى ليه حكاية جديدة ومغامرة جديدة, زود مغامراتك السنة دي مع Careem والحق جرب Careem Bikes و Careem Golf Carts في الساحل وشاركنا تجربتك على الهاشتاج ده #متتسحلش_في_الساحل #سبها_على_كريم_واتبسط

Posted by Careem on Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Additionally, they’re introducing bikes in Marassi! The hassle-free experience saves us the time we waste looking for parking spots while making driving around easier and safer. This way, the Sahel experience becomes easier for us all.

The cherry on top is that Careem is also partnering with your favorite spots in Sahel. If you go to Telal, any of Lemon Tree’s branches, Kiki’s, or Marassi Club House, surprise gifts will be waiting for you!

WE SAID THIS: Summer couldn’t get any better!