420 Surveillance Cameras to Take Over the Streets of Hurghada to Increase Security!

Via steemkr.com

By Salma Maher

A total of 420 surveillance cameras are being installed in the main streets and squares of Hurghada following the Red Sea Governor, Ahmed Abdallah’s decision to put the tourist attraction under 24/7 watch.

Via kayak.co.uk

The Ministry of Communications and the Communications Police Department are joining forces to have this initiative completed by the end of the year. It goes without saying that this comes as an attempt to regain the country’s once celebrated reputation for being a safe and secure destination.

With the help of cameras, signal control panels, digital recording devices, wireless transmission units, and UPS devices, all violations will be caught on tape while notifying the violators through SMS on their mobile phones.

WE SAID THIS: It looks like tourism is bouncing back and Hurghada will soon again be the multinational hub we know and love!