We’re all Amina Khalil Today, As She Speaks Out About Body Image And The Importance of Being Human!

Via Amina Khalil and GFF

Once again, the gorgeous superstar, Amina Khalil, gives us one more reason to love her more than we already do! The second edition of the glamorous El Gouna Film Festival has just come to an end and everyone is sharing their best red carpet moments. Of course, Amina had to share her moments and breathtaking looks as well, but there was that one post that caught our attention.

On the closing ceremony night, Amina showed up in a beautiful flowy Norine Farah dress. And as the young actress flaunted the dress that emitted natural vibes, she also wasn’t afraid to embrace her natural flaws. Last night, Khalil posted another picture on Instagram in her wonderful attire that showed what seemed to be a muffin top. The picture wasn’t the great deal, but Amina’s words were.

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Yes, im not perfect. Yes, i have love-handles, or a muffin-top, or whatever its called nowadays. Yes, i dont eat much the day i know ill be wearing a crop-top that night. And yes, i come home post-crop-top and have sandwhich gebna say7a or maybe even a quarter pounder! But you know what- so does everyone else. And those midnight snacks standing in the kitchen surrounded by girls doing the exact same thing- make me feel normal. Because we all are normal human beings. And thats the way it should be. Because i wouldnt trade those moments for anything. Because the laughter or jokes or gossip sessions ive had during those midnight snacks make me have a life. And i love them. And what a better way to remember the last year of my twenties than moments that make you laugh till your stomach hurts, or barabeer come out of your nose. (C'mon we've all been there!?) So, accept who you are. And accept that we are all different. And accept that there will always be someone better walking that red carpet ahead of you. But what you should accept and truly be- is ok with that. Trust that someone in this world will always see you as the most beautiful girl in the world. And that at the end- we are all the same. We are all beautiful souls, occasionally hormonal, sometimes confident, scarcely perfect, but ALWAYS- human. Own it. Nothing shines brighter than confidence. #quarterpoundersforlife #loveyourself #nofilter #nophotoshop #proudlywoman

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She started her caption mentioning that she is not perfect and that like any normal human being she has a muffin-top, but guess what? She doesn’t really care, and you shouldn’t either! Amina didn’t just pour her heart out, she poured all girls’ hearts out, especially when she said she didn’t eat much when she knew she’ll be wearing a crop top that day. I mean, don’t we all secretly do that? The best part of it is that her wanting to look good doesn’t stop her from enjoying the joys of life, in other words, FOOD! After all, it’s okay to go back home late at night, sneak into the kitchen, and eat your emotions off an ice-cream bucket, or in Amina’s case, a Quarter Pounder. She ended her touching words in the most meaningful way possible saying, “We are all beautiful souls, occasionally hormonal, sometimes confident, scarcely perfect, but ALWAYS human. Own it. Nothing shines brighter than confident.”

WE SAID THIS: And nothing outshines a beautiful soul, Amina! Well said!

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