The New Beginnings Starter Pack: Tips For Starting The New Year On The Right Foot

By Yasmine Dawood

The new year is almost here, which makes us automatically think about starting over. However, some of us do not know where to start. Some of us tend to think about everything that went wrong in our lives and every trait that may be affecting our lives negatively, hoping to change them.

We get overwhelmed by the number of things we want to change, and because of this, we end up not changing anything. Take it easy, you just need to evolve, like any other human being.

In this article, you’ll be provided with ways of thinking that will help you develop and evolve without feeling bad about your current life.

Via Taste of Home

Build, don’t demolish.  Have you ever seen a building rise up with no base? That’s exactly what you try to do when you hate on yourself and demolish who you are for the sake of starting over. However, building confidence, strength, self-esteem or whatever you need sounds so much better, saves time and is much easier. The good news is, you already have the base to build anything, and the base is you. Let’s make the base stronger this year.

Priorities. As long as you’re putting yourself as a priority this year, you will find out that setting other priorities is as easy as drinking water. The issue that we face regarding setting priorities is that we try to add things that are not within our control, which inevitably does not lead us anywhere.

Human doer.  Sometimes we blame ourselves as human beings, instead of evaluating ourselves as human doers. We all need to watch our own doings and our mistakes in order to learn from them, but that does not mean that we need to evaluate ourselves as human beings. Our actions do not necessarily define who we are since they can be fixed as long as we’re alive. Let’s evaluate last years’ doings, not ourselves.

Achievement list. It does not need to be the most impressive achievement list of all time, it just needs to be yours; your own achievements. Waking up every day and going to work is an achievement in itself, do not forget that. We need to give ourselves credit for being who we are; survivors. So, let’s add an achievement list to our to-do list for the new year.

It’s easy when you want to, not when you have to. Sometimes we forget the reason why we are making a change, other times, we distort this reason. This year promise yourself not to fall into the loop of thinking that you’re changing or achieving anything because you have to. It all started because you simply want to.

One thing at a time. Personally, it has helped me a lot considering being a perfectionist at certain times. Being aware that you are just a human being, who is not supposed to do every single thing at the same time perfectly, will really help you in achieving all your goals.

We said this: 2020, we’re coming back stronger this year!