Takh’s Yousra El Gendy Deserves a Follow and Here’s Why

Via Yousra El Gendy

By Sarah Alblowi

Your not so typical Egyptian Singer, Yousra El Gendy, sings anything that comes to mind, from daily struggles to her mysterious crushes. After auditioning for The Voice, she’s now part of the band, Takh, with Ezz Shahwan. The duo started in 2015 with the slogan “Let’s rock this city”. They’re now recognized for their comical musicals and viral hits including Call Me Ziko, La Ya Baheera, Abu Galambo El Bahr, and Leah Ya Bakinam.

The singer’s funky personality shines through the screens of Instagram as she interacts with her fans through music and laughter. She gained popularity for her free spirit, dancing, singing, and relatable short clips. Here are the times Yousra spoke our minds through music and humor!

Speaking to Your Crush


We all know that feeling of nervousness, just tag your crush in the comments section.

The weird things you do home alone

Dancing in the mirror, singing out loud? Yousra has a full remix for that, starring a toothbrush and a magical spray!

Hitting the gym

Love handles? Belly rolls? Cellulite? How’s your summer-bod working out so far? This one goes out to the times you know you should’ve taken hit the gym!

Good music

Jam to this beauty’s perfectly raspy voice. We can’t decide if we like her English or Arabic singing more though.

And simply, her humor

A pretty girl who’s also funny, Yousra will surely leave a grin on your face!

WE SAID THIS: Yousra’s creativity is definitely spicing up the music industry and social media!

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