4 Pizza Joints in Cairo Just Got Scooped and Here’s What We Had to Say!

Just like Kevin James said, “There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap.” Because we know that and since winter paid us a sudden visit without any prior notice, we decided to dig for the most sumptuous pizzas in C-town.

However, instead of just compiling a list, we went an extra mile. Our team tried like a dozen pizzas from four different joints; Il Mulino, Vinny’s, Ovio, and Thomas, and put together the most honest review out there.

After trying all of them, here’s what we decided!

Mohamed Rashed: Ovio

Nadine Arab: Il Mulino

Ganna Ismael: Vinny’s

Sabrina Khalil: Il Mulino

Menna Tarek: Vinny’s

Ahmed Mansour: Vinny’s

So, Congrats Vinny’s and keep on crustin’!

WE SAID THIS: Tried them? Let us know what you think!