How These Superfoods Can Help You Lose Weight

By Christopher Austin

So, you are trying to lose some weight?

Then you should know that losing weight needs patience, effort, and discipline. However, if you do not want to go on an extreme diet and rigorous workout routine like most people do, then there are simple choices you can make in order to move the scale pointer to the right direction.

Simple changes to eating habits and a few selected food choices can greatly help you shed some pound without breaking a sweat! There are certain superfoods out there that can actually help you slim down or even maintain a healthy weight while packing your body with essential nutrients which provides an overall good health!

Here are some of the superfoods you might want to try and how they can actually help you lose those unwanted pounds.

Green Tea

When compares to coffee, sodas and other beverages, green tea offers many benefits— one is for losing weight. Green tea helps maintain your body weight by burning body fat that reduces your waist circumference and aids weight loss. This is due to its EGCG or epigallocatechin-3-gallate, an antioxidant which burns more calories throughout the day.

Moreover, EGCG helps slow down weight gain by preventing fat absorption and boosting your ability to burn unwanted fats. Plus, it does a great job in keeping your hydrated that can help in reducing appetite so you do not feel hungry every now and then.

green tea

A powerful trimming superfood, blueberries should be on your diet if you wish to lose weight. These bright berries are packed with powerful antioxidant that helps in neutralizing free radicals in the body. These berries also have plenty of soluble fiber and water which gives you the feeling of fullness so that you will be satisfied for longer while improving your digestion.

It contains manganese which helps in metabolizing fats, carbs and proteins and its polyphenols help in reducing belly fat as well as the risk factors of metabolic syndrome. Plus, they are free from sodium, cholesterol or fat.

You can eat a cup of blueberries every day or use a smoothie maker to create a refreshing and yummy smoothie, shake, yogurt or even add them to your fruit salad.

  1. Oatmeal

Oats are great for those who want to maintain a healthy body and those who want to shed some pounds. Oatmeal is packed with beta-glucan, a soluble over which helps in reducing abnormal fat levels in the blood. It also induces feelings of fullness as well as reducing hunger.

Big Bowl of Oatmeal

  1. Almonds

Another rich superfood, almonds help in slimming down thanks to its monosaturated fat, protein and fiber content. The fiber in almonds keeps you full and nourished so you can avoid bingeing on unhealthy foods. Almonds also have zinc and vitamin B that helps prevent sugar cravings so you are not tempted to eat that triple mocha cake right there.

  1. Avocados

Avocados were once feared by every people trying to slim down due to its high-fat content. However, its fat content is monosaturated fats that help in making you feel full for longer and satisfy your hunger.

Moreover, avocados are loaded with L-carnitine which is an amino acid that aids in metabolizing body fats. Avocados also have good amounts of insoluble and soluble fiber that are effective for losing weight.

  1. Dark Chocolate

There is no way that we will have a list of “Superfoods That Help In Weight Loss” without including this chunk of heaven!

Although most chocolates out there contribute in weight gain, dark chocolates can actually help you shed some pound. The reason comes from its higher amount of cocoa than other types of chocolates, loading it with rich antioxidants that aids in slimming down. Plus, it even revives the body’s metabolism and burns more fat.

Bonnat Hacienda El Rosario 75% Dark Chocolate

Moreover, dark chocolates can reduce the expression of genes that are involved in the fatty acid synthesis, hence reducing absorption and digestion of carbs and fats and increases satiety. It also helps prevent arteriosclerosis, boost blood circulation, and reducing blood pressure levels which are all side effects of obesity.

In addition, dark chocolates have high magnesium content which keeps body pain at bay, so working out is far more appealing.

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