The Perks of Being Creative

Creativity is definitely one of God’s gifts. It’s hard to even imagine how the world would be without it.

But like everything else, it comes with its downside. Below are just a few of the things I’ve personally come across. (I mean I got up in the middle of the night to write this because I couldn’t sleep!)


1. You cannot be forced to be creative! It all depends on your mood.

I don't want to do things


2. You have a reputation for getting bored easily.



3. Sleep? No chance in hell. As soon as your head hits the pillow, the ideas start flowing. No sleep for you!



4. You talk to yourself a lot. No, I’m not crazy, I’m just discussing a very important topic with me, myself and I.



5. Expect the unexpected with creative people. Their intentions are not even related to the outcome.



6. Any kind of drama is used to your advantage. In fact, you even seek it out as  a theme of your next project!



7. You still haven’t figured out whether you control your brain or your brain controls you!



8. You don’t last more than six months in any job before you get bored. (Especially if it’s a creative job – refer to no. 1)



9.Come to think of it, stability is a word you don’t even understand.

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10. You hate the term “out of the box”. There is no freaking box to start off with!

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11. You’re very indecisive. Your interests and goals change by the second making it hard to make up your mind on anything!

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12.You have lots of crap lying around your house waiting to be transformed into masterpieces.



13. Your attention span is pretty short. You find yourself daydreaming all the time. (It’s totally normal!)

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14.  This is how you survive meetings!



15. You’re widely misunderstood, judged or stereotyped.



But even with all that and more, there is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for having this gift. The happiness and joy it brings are totally worth it.

Cheers to all creatives out there!


WE SAID THIS: Looks like everything has a downside, even being creative!