7 Best Places in the USA to Make an Unforgettable Proposal

Getting ready to pop the question, but not yet sure where? Check out our seven best places in the US for the most unforgettable proposals.

A proposal is a very special and magical event. You’re going to want to make it as perfect as possible, and one of the elements that add to perfection is location, location, location.

The spot you choose for your proposal can take it from normal to grandiose, from average to spectacular. And so, if you are planning to propose to that special someone in your life, try to put some effort in choosing places to propose. Hopefully even more effort than you used when getting the ring box for bride.

If you are in need of a proposal idea for a location, then you are in the right place. Come with us as we explore some of the best places to get engaged in the USA. From iconic locations to natural wonders in unforgettable settings; allow us show you a few truly romantic places to propose to the love of your life.

Grand Canyon National Park – Northern Arizona

One of the most spectacular and iconic locations in the US, the Grand Canyon has a lot of great spots for a proposal. A road trip to this location or a helicopter ride, paired with a romantic picnic would make a lovely foundation for a proposal. All that would be left to do would be to wait for the right moment to pop that question.

Space Needle Observation Desk – Seattle, Washington

Standing at 520 feet tall, the Space Needle Observation Deck is a romantic location that gives a broad and spectacular view of the city of Seattle. It would not be a bad idea to propose with the stunning view of Mt. Rainier and Elliott Bay’s at your feet in a grand gesture.

LOVE Statue Indianapolis Art Museum – Indianapolis, Indiana

If you’re thinking about good optics, then this is one location you should consider. This iconic sculpture is a great proposal spot, and it’s known for producing amazing photos too. Who wouldn’t want a chance to have Robert Indiana’s LOVE Statue as their picture background when they say “Yes, I will”.

Bellagio Hotel Fountains, – Las Vegas, Nevada

If you both love a great party, then go to Vegas. You can party before the proposal and celebrate after. Vegas is a great location to have fun, relax, and disarm your partner with a surprise proposal. If you find yourself in front of the beautifully romantic Bellagio Hotel Fountains, the best place to propose in Las Vegas, then even better. You will have the most glamorous backdrop. Just be sure that the photographer is out of sight.

Magic Kingdom at Disney World – Orlando, Florida

Disney World is definitely not just for children; and if you choose this location for your proposal, you’re in luck, because you can create your own fairy tale. For an average sum, you can have a horse drawn carriage, dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table, one of the best places to propose in Disney World by the way, and even rose petals in your room. You could also work one on one with an event planner to make it extra perfect. Find the best time in between rides or at dinner to propose, and your fairy tale turns truly magical. If you’re looking for the best places to propose in Orlando, this is one. Make sure to book a beautiful room in one of the mesmerizing  Orlando resorts ahead of time.

Empire State Building – New York

If you’re in New York or on your way there, then this is definitely one location to consider. The iconic Empire State Building has attracted millions of visitors since its inauguration in 1931. It has been the site for numerous movies, TV scenes and even weddings. With a breath taking view of the Hudson and East Rivers, Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge, this would be a most romantic place for a proposal.

The Headlight Lighthouse – Portland, Maine

Try for the most beautiful proposal at this romantic spot in a charming town. The oldest lighthouse in Maine and one of the most photographed places in the US. This lighthouse presents a beautiful and natural ambiance for a proposal.

A marriage proposal could be a once in a lifetime event and your loved one deserves the extra effort. So, if you’re looking for special places to propose, consider this list; you just might find that extra special place. Very few moments in life can be as memorable as the day you say Yes to someone. Make that day as memorable as possible, and make each moment count at the right location.

WE SAID THIS: Proposals are massive occassions for you and your partner. Make it the best it possibly can be!