ExpoMarketing: Tips to Deliver Quality Trade Show Booth Displays

Showcasing your products and services through trade shows is an excellent way to promote your business. The success of your trade show is highly dependent on the design of your booth. That is why ExpoMarketing aims at creating one that suits your needs and at the same time, presents your brand perfectly. To do this, we consider a few factors:

The design of your exhibit

Choosing the best exhibit design for your trade show is more than just getting the architectural features right. We consider what you want and how you want to present your organization. Therefore, we listen to you and the goals you seek to achieve using the trade show display. We also give you some of our ideas to help you in making the decision. This way, you can connect with your potential clients and create new partnerships. You may also introduce your new product to the market in an effective way.

Booth construction

To ensure that your trade show is a success, ExpoMarketing builds your booth using high-quality materials. We are keen to make sure that we do not miss out on any details that can cost you, potential clients. With our affordable solutions, we reduce your transportation, shipping as well as labor expenses.


The use of audio and video techniques is effective in presenting your brand and creating a positive impression. Therefore, we create fantastic video walls, project maps, and choose colors that match the display’s theme and your firm’s logo. As we select the audiovisuals for your trade show display, we also ensure that they are appropriate and convincing.


ExpoMarketing conveys your ideas to your customers through quality graphic designing. We use graphics to tell them the story of your brand and why they need to be a part of it. We also provide clear illustrations of what they should expect from you and how you intend to deliver it. With our team of designers, you can have beautiful, compelling, and attractive designs that will persuade clients to give your products a chance.

On-site assistance

If it is the first time that you are having the trade show display, you may get anxious or stuck somewhere. ExpoMarketing supports you through our on-site supervision team. They will be around during the installation of the booth. They will also provide help with any other show services like rigging and drayage if you need it. This allows you to focus on presenting your brand.

Located in Orange County in California, we are a reputable trade show display company that comes with a team of diversely talented individuals who are hell-bent on creating quality trade show booths. Having been creating trade show displays since 1991, we have set a record of excellence through ensuring that our clients’ needs are met. We have created more than 3,000 booths; each unique in its own way depending on the goals of our customers.

The quality of your trade show booth is critical because it determines whether you will achieve your professional goals or not. ExpoMarketing is determined to help you make your dreams come true. Therefore, with the skills of our trade show display experts, we make sure that we use great designs and materials to make it. We also provide you with assistance during the show so that you can deliver your best.

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