UAE’s “Beyond2020” To Provide Solar-Powered Water Sources For Eastern Sudanese Villages

Based on reports from Zawya News, UAE’s ‘Beyond2020’ humanitarian initiative has provided a safe source of water for about 20,000 residents of the villages of ‘Tawit’ and ‘Tahjr’ in Kassala State, Eastern Sudan. The reports suggest that both villages were provided with two small solar-powered water basins and a groundwater pumping system that can provide up to 20 liters of ‘clean’ drinking water to the villagers.

The project’s main objective here is to raise people’s levels of hygiene and health as well as their access to water.

The Beyond2020 initiative also aims to offer critical, life-transforming solutions to a broader number of beneficiaries worldwide, providing tech for good and fostering development that is both inclusive and sustainable. It was launched by the Zayed Sustainability Prize in partnership with several leading local and international organizations back in Dec. 2019.

The Zayed Sustainability Prize then is the UAE’s pioneering global award for recognizing excellence in sustainability and its latest winner, Practical Action, a non-profit organization based in the United Kingdom that works with a variety of communities to develop sustainable solutions to tackle the difficulties they confront, implemented this particular project.

According to The National News, the previous Zayed Sustainability Prize winner used the Dh2.2 million prize money to save thousands of African mothers and children. Other winners like We Care Solar has given solar bags to maternity wards in hospitals in impoverished nations that are not connected to the national electrical grid. The organization has then been able to broaden its purpose beyond Uganda to countries like Zimbabwe and Nepal since winning the award in 2019.

With initiatives like this, there will always be ways to combine technology and health to enhance people’s lives everywhere, but notably in underdeveloped nations.

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