Love, Laughter, and Good Vibes: Why Mai’s Vault Should Be On Your Radar

Mai just never fails to crack us up! The Egyptian-American recently got engaged to Max Maxwell, and you can guess what that means. It means we are seeing more of Mai, Mama Wafaa, and Max as well! The couple is making hilarious content together and it’s shared on her accounts (@Maisvault). Go and check out the five times Mai and Max had us gasping for air.

The power of social media

Mai makes use of her followers to check out if Max is into funny business.

Mai swept off her feet by global warming

This is how Mai falls in love with Max, while Mama Wafaa endures it until they get married and leave.

Max buys an 18$ cappuccino

Mai pampers herself and buys an expensive cappuccino —that Max pays for. He didn’t think it’s as funny as she did.

The love story of Max and Mama Wafaa

Mai provides us with footage that proves that Mama Wafaa obviously likes Max more than she likes Mai.

Mama Wafaa comes first

Here’s a little preview of Max treating Mama Wafaa like the queen that she is, while Mai is put in her place.

Meet Mai!

2022 is the time to finally meet Mai. She will be in Dubai from Jan. 19 to Jan. 31. After that, she will be visiting Egypt, from Jan. 31 to Feb. 7. Get ready to meet her, until more details are announced.

On her Instagram account, Mai wrote, “Can’t wait to be in the middle east soon! Finally going to visit EGYPT❤️❤️ after so long and see my people. Let’s get to workin’ 💪😝”

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