Is Everyone’s Favorite Movie ‘Qeset Hobb’ Ahmed Hatem’s Big Break?

For years, Egypt’s big screens have mostly screened movies with car crashes or mind games that end with an intense plot twist. Only this month I realized how much I’ve missed the Taymour and Shafiqa and El-Selem Wel Te’aban genre.

Right now, the talk of entertainment town is the movie Qeset Hobb. The romantic film, starring Ahmed Hatem and Hana El-Zahed, has unexpectedly left audience in awe. The plot takes us on an emotional rollercoaster with two love birds, after the young man gets involved in a car accident and loses his sight. Proving your love and staying strong through it all definitely left viewers on the edge of their seats.

The Film Director, Othman Abu Laban, is no newbie to romance and making fans cry a river; with movies as Ahlam Omrena under his belt, as well as music videos for Asala and Hisham Abbas. In multiple interviews, Actor Ahmed Hatem has expressed his anxiousness about the fans’ feedback. Yet, so far nothing but good reviews have been flooding all over news outlets and social media.

Via Cine Pro

The movie has been described as a breath of fresh air for our movie industry. Apparently, everyone misses going to an all-age appropriate movie with no obscenity. It’s a simple plot, with many laughs, suitable for a family night out, with lots of romance which we’ve been clearly deprived of lately.

And I can’t help but wonder, is this movie Ahmed Hatem’s big break? Is he my new favorite leading actor? It’s almost impossible now to star in a TV series or a movie that doesn’t receive a single bad review. Whatever the future holds for the actor, I gladly call myself a fan since his early Aw’aat Faragh days.

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