Ingy Wagdan and Eslam Ibrahim Are the Most Positive Duo on TV This month

I am over watching tv series with unrelatable people. The Ramadan craze of pretty women and rich women, with eyelash extensions for days and cars we’ve never seen in Cairo’s streets, are over and done with. I have zero interest in watching a hot girl with a pout, who has had hundreds of facial plastic surgeries, trying to get a job at a fashion magazine.

Honestly, these scripts are so 2000 and late and the world now is all about self-love and acceptance.

Via CBC Egypt

The talk of the town right now is the Tel’et Roohi TV Show, which is an Egyptianized rendition of the Drop Dead Diva series. The series follows the story of an aspiring model involved in a car crash, only to be brought back to life as an overweight, intelligent and sassy lawyer. Shocked at first, only to realize that the airheaded girl persona will get her nowhere if she wants to fill the lawyer’s shoes.

I am ecstatic for Engy Wagdan. This girl has been one of my favorite comedians since he role in the Tamer and Shawkia series. This is proof that you can be a leading star in Egypt, dominate tv ratings while completely shattering social norms and beauty standards.

The actress looks as hot as Jalapeno in her suits that she dons in the show. Just stunning! Not to mention that Wagdan is known for spreading multiple self-love messages across her social media platforms. Her comebacks have made headlines after being publicly shamed for a post-baby image. I’ve always had a thing for her. A few month ago, she explained to women that physical change will only satisfy you if you are doing it for yourself.

As for her co-star Eslam Ibrahim, I’ve personally had the pleasure of working with him and I even asked for a selfie. No words can do him justice. Eslam is the most multi-talented person I’ve ever met. He is originally a speech and behavioral therapist, who pursued a career in acting.

Just throw any character at him to impersonate and he’ll master it in seconds. That in addition to being an incredible scriptwriter. I couldn’t be happier that he got his big break on the series and Akwa Om fe Masr tv show. He is a rising star.

These two are the only two couples I want to watch on television. They are relatable, funny, and for once REAL!

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