Video: Engy Wegdan’s Inspirational Message to All the ‘Not So Skinny Girls’

One of Egypt’s funniest actresses just shared the realest, most inspiring and to-the-point video and we don’t think we can love her more. Engy Wegdan is no stranger when it comes to cyberbullying. Two years ago, the actress slammed her online haters after mocking a post-pregnancy photo of her where she clearly -and logically- gained some weight.

Last night, the confident comedian shared her two cents regarding self-image and love. In a powerful message especially to the younger generation, Wegdan advice women to simply love themselves. The biggest issue public figures face when they ask fans to accept who they are is others accusing them of encouraging unhealthy life choices.

The actress explained that she does not advise anyone to lose or gain weight to please someone. The sole purpose should be feeling comfortable in your skin no matter what size you are. Don’t lose weight because your partner thinks you are not good enough. Don’t lose weight for a job. Don’t lose weight to fit into delusional social norms. Only do it because you want to do it. Period.

Watch the empowering message below:

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