Learn How to Use Your Roses After Valentine’s Day from Blogger Huda Beauty

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It’s Valentine’s day and let’s face it, most of us usually end up feeling gloomy, #foreveralone and watch Netflix on this day. Yet, this woman decided to look at the bright side of this commercial holiday.


Dubai-based beauty blogger Huda Kattan is always here for the rescue when it comes to fashion, makeup, lifestyle and romance. The makeup and fashion guru just reposted a quite handy video by @rubiitofficial on how to use Valentine’s red roses to create your own homemade perfume.


So here is how it goes, you boil up some rose petals with two tablespoons of aloe vera gel, then add in a spray bottle with some glycerine and voila. You just made your own body splash.



Check out the interesting hack below:

DIY Rosey setting spray @rubiitofficial How to: 1. Take out the rose petals (I used 4 roses) 2. Add distilled water/ still spring water enough to cover the roses (not too much – where it floats) 3. Add 2 tbsp aloe Vera gel (optional – it gives moisture and soothes my skin so I love it) 4. Once its boiled straight away let it simmer (to the point where the petals look dull and all its colour is out) 5. Let it cool 6. On a spritzer bottle add about 1/4 of glycerine (this helps set the makeup in place and gives moisture) 7. Add the rose water to fill up the bottle (optional – if you want more rosey smell you can add rose extract) 8. Shake the bottle before every use. @hudabeauty lashes in ‘Sasha #11’ @shophudabeauty

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