Epic EarthSoul Fest: Dubai’s Eco-Concert Extravaganza Featuring The One & Only Jason Derulo

Have you ever heard of an eco-conscious music and art festival? Well, they exist, and Dubai is planning on hosting one called EarthSoul on May 4th. The Coca-Cola Arena will be home to an exceptional lineup of performances, including the one and only global sensation Jason Derulo.

The American pop star is set to turn the stage ablaze with his energetic top hits, including “Savage Love,” “Trumpets,” “Acapulco,” and “Take You Dancing.” Along for the ride are other top-tiered artists, including Pakistani pop sensation Shae Gill, Emirati Soul singer Arqam, and rising star Celine Dee Matahari.

Under the umbrella of sustainability, prior to the exceptional lineup of musical performances, there will be a panel discussion on planet conservation, where thought leaders and ambassadors of change will engage in a lengthy and thought-provoking discussion.

Even prior to the panel discussion, there will be pre-event beach clean-up drives as a way to contribute to a cleaner and greener future.

Anyone attending the festival will be actively supporting the initiative, especially as tickets sold will go toward protecting the environment and making our planet greener. To take part, you can get your hands on tickets through either the Coca-Cola arena website, Plantinumlist, or Virgin Tickets.

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