“Emily In Paris”: Gannah Anwar, A Dior Intern Talks About Her Experience

Today, the fashion world is dominated by big names like Dior, Chanel, and the like. Having a chance to work at any of these design houses can be a stepping stone for any fashion enthusiast, and that was the case for Gannah Anwar.

After studying at one of the most prestigious fashion schools, Central Saint Martins, the 21-year-old Egyptian Anwar landed an internship at Dior in Paris. Speaking with Anwar, we got a glimpse at her “Emily In Paris” experience.

At 17, with a fashion design degree under her belt, Anwar headed to Paris to begin her fashion journey.

“It was so unexpected that I got a call from Dior and had them offer me a job position there. It was shocking to my family and me because I never lived alone at all, let alone in a foreign country,” said Anwar.

With such an internship, she got to dive headfirst into the nitty-gritty aspects of a career in fashion design. Anwar described the fashion house as an immersive educational space: “It is everything you want to learn about fashion within one space, from planning luxury collections, doing the model’s fitting with prototypes to pinning mood boards for VIP clients.”

At Dior, she lived and breathed fashion, which meant she also experienced the extremely stressful pre-fashion show preparation of events like the Met Gala.

“Pre-show is super stressful; everyone from the creative directors to junior designers is on edge. As an intern, during this time, you cannot talk back, argue, or debate with anyone. You have to deal with stressful situations quietly.”

With this experience, Anwar knew that the best way to discover your career goes beyond education. She said, “Half of what I learned was not from studying fashion in university; it was from being brave enough to experiment outside my education.” In the case of Anwar, the Dior internship was the ultimate classroom to try out the fashion world.

Today, Anwar has big dreams and aspirations for her future: “I am very business-driven and have a big dream of establishing my own fashion business. I also want to start designing clothes under the name Gannah.” We have a feeling that Anwar is on her way to achieving great things in the future. 

We asked the designer some rapid-fire questions to get to know her a bit better. Here’s the list of questions and answers.

Favorite Fashion Trend

Mixing masculine and feminine styles, for example, pairing a knitted oversized sweater with a mini or medi skirt.

A Trend That You Despise

Street style in general, like crop tops, high-waisted straight-fit jeans and hoodies.

Describe Your Style In Three Sentences

Maximalist in style, minimal in color choices, and conceptual.

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