A New Batch: The Second Half Of Ramadan Series

Breaking away from the 30-episode Ramadan series norm, the “15-episode” trend is becoming more common year after year. For us, as viewers, this new format in Egyptian drama opens up a lot of options to enjoy.

So get ready because, in just a few days, we’ll be treated to 8 brand-new series hitting our screens:


Ramadan wouldn’t feel complete without Nelly Kareem, right? She’s been lighting up our screens with her unforgettable series for over a decade now. 

This time around, she’s bringing us something different: ‘Farawla’—a comedy in which she plays a professional coffee cup reader who finds herself in the world of “wellness” blogging. 


Yasmine Sabry is back on the scene. Now, Yasmin’s no stranger to stirring up controversy, and her latest, ‘Raheel,’ promises to do just that, especially since she’s portraying a character from a modest background.

She also recently appeared in a poster with acrylic nails, while doing carpentering jobs. Talk about causing a stir.

Bedoon Sabek Enzar

Asser Yassin’s upcoming drama, ‘Bedoon Sabek Enzar,’ featuring Aicha Ben Ahmed, is gearing up to deliver another tale of tragedy. It narrates the story of a couple facing an unexpected incident that changes the course of their lives. That’s probably going to be a high-level drama.

Khaled Noor w Waladoh Noor Khaled

A new twist on comedy is ‘Khaled Noor w Waladoh Noor Khaled.’ It brings together Chico and Karim Mahmoud Abdelaziz in what seems to be a wild story: Chico is the son of Abdelaziz. Seems like a creative, fresh comedy.


In ‘Kobra,’ Mohammed Imam, the son of the legend Adel Imam, stars as a car repair shop owner who’s freshly released from prison and gets into lots of trouble. It looks like your average suspense and action “good vs. evil” story.

Ba’ena Etneen

Separation isn’t easy. 

With Sherif Mounir and Rania Youssef at the helm, ‘Ba’ena Etneen’ discusses the aftermath of separation after years of marriage. As seen in the trailer, it seems like it’ll be a light watch, with social media playing a role.


Spotlighting the ongoing Palestinian crisis, ‘Maliha’ is the only series this Ramadan addressing this issue. Led by the talented Mervat Amin, the drama follows the story of a family of Palestinian origin living in Libya but forced to return to Gaza, facing several hiccups.


From the world of Alf Leila w Leila comes ‘Gawdar,’ a magical realm where Yasser Galal leads a story about adventure and wonder.

Second Half, Here We Come!

With at least these eight new series on the horizon, we can’t help but wait to enjoy the fresh new stories unfold (and also see the next trend!).

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