Mai Omar’s Ne’ma El Avocato: What To Learn & What To Unlearn

With Mohammed Samy’s special drama recipe, you can’t deny that if you start watching ‘Ne’ma El Avocato’ starring Mai Omar, you’ll be hooked. It’s the power of direction and vision. We also can’t deny the fact that Mai’s performance is seriously breaking new ground. 

Now, setting that aside, we thought we’d throw a spotlight on the character she’s playing: Ne’ma. There’s a lot to learn from her and a lot to unlearn. 

*Spoiler Alert*

What to Learn

We live to learn—it’s a lifelong journey. After watching Ne’ma’s journey, here’s what you need to learn from her character.

Stand Up for Yourself

Ne’ma knows how to stand up for herself. She sets boundaries, and if anyone crosses them, she confronts them and addresses the issue directly while it’s still hot. Whether it’s Yassin trying to flirt with her or Salah and Sarah getting married, Ne’ma is there ready with a reaction. 

She’s not forgiving and won’t be easygoing. If you cross her boundaries and try to hurt her, you’ll pay the price. 

So normalize revenge. Normalize not forgiving. Normalize not taking the higher road when someone hurts you.

Stand Up for Others

Similar to standing up for herself, Ne’ma knows how to stand up for others. She can’t just witness injustice and stay silent. 

For instance, once she sees Mohammed, the office boy, being humiliated by a lawyer, she makes a scene and belittles the lawyer.

Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you can stand up for others and break the cycle of injustice, please do so. Sometimes, you’re their only chance, especially for those oppressed by life challenges.

Be a Giver

What Ne’ma did with her 10 million pounds has caused quite a stir on social media. Come on— in this day and age, giving away this large amount of money while staying penniless is a bit far-fetched, even if you’re incredibly selfless.

Looking at it from another perspective, Ne’ma is actually teaching us valuable lessons on generosity. How to be generous, loving, and grateful to the people who have stood by our side. 

Whether it’s your significant other, parents, best friends, or lifelong supporters, it’s a noble gesture to share goodness with those close to your heart.

But let’s be reasonable: don’t give away 10 million pounds, PLEASE.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Yourself

Whether it’s drinking Helba or driving barefoot, you need to be comfortable in your own skin. That’s step one to confidence. Mai Omar’s character, Ne’ma, is completely herself, never shying away from expressing her thoughts, which automatically adds up to a character with a strong personality.

What Not to Learn

It’s not all pink and roses. Ne’ma’s character has some core issues that, if you relate to them, you need to address ASAP. 

There’s no time to waste since these traits are what led her to be buried alive!

Ignoring Signs 

They always say, ‘Listen to your instincts. Listen to what your body is saying.’

Do you feel something is wrong? Too good to be true? Then it’s most probably wrong and fake.

Ne’ma had signs all around her. From her husband not buying her a gift on their anniversary (even though she knows he has money) to him being so cheap after getting paid 8 million pounds, she chose to overlook these and proceed with her naivety. This led to her literal burial alive.

If life gives you signs, LISTEN.

Giving Too Much

As we’ve previously mentioned, be a giver, but don’t give too much. 

If you’re a giver without limits, takers will take advantage of you. In other words, don’t be stingy and cheap, but be mindful of how you give and to whom you give. 

Tip: Don’t make up a story that your husband just got 8 million dollars out of the blue so that he feels like a man. Don’t be like Ne’ma. If he wants to feel like a man, it’s not your job to make him feel like one.

Being Naive

Although she’s shrewd as a lawyer, she’s a textbook naive person when it comes to her husband. Not reading signs and always finding excuses, Ne’ma was only convinced that her husband was an evildoer when she saw him married to another woman and confronted him.

Even during that, she literally said, “Let’s go home and I’ll forgive you.”

No one deserves this kind of forgiveness. No one deserves this kind of 10x chance.

Not Listening to Others 

We’re nearly 8 billion in the world. Psychology says we need people to have healthy well-being. So yeah, normalize listening to others.

Everyone around Ne’ma warned her about her husband. She still insisted on giving him the money and going the extra mile for him, even though he barely lifted a finger for her.

Once people you trust start pointing out something, put your ego/pride aside and take a look from their perspective. There are always other perspectives.

Find Your Balance

Don’t be an angel, yet don’t be Satan. Try to find your balance. In all cases, don’t be like Ne’ma.

We know this series is an exaggerated drama, but what’s life without drama? And isn’t drama a reflection of life?

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