Celebrate Ramadan in Style With These Arab Caterers

You can’t have Ramadan without family gatherings; the two go hand in hand. At some point during the month, you’ll want to go all out with a big Iftar, while at the same time, you’ll want to take a break from the kitchen.

That’s when catering companies come in; they’re the ultimate go-to for a full-fledged gathering with delicious food, whether at an indoor or outdoor venue. With all that being said, these are our top picks of catering companies you should try out this month:

Dalia Catering (Lebanon)

Since 1990, Dalia Catering has been preparing delicious Lebanese and international gourmet dining experiences. They bring their A-game to every occasion, whether it’s a fancy charcuterie board during New Year or a shawarma spit during a big gathering.

With Ramadan, they also know how to make all the stops needed for a delicious spread. Their massive menu includes everything from fattoush salad to eggplant feta and chicken fereek. To impress your family and friends, you can check out their Instagram page for more details.

Bouffage Hospitality (UAE)

The UAE is already a culinary gem, being home to all the world’s cuisines, which is why it makes sense that its catering services are also of the highest quality. Among the many catering companies with a big name is Bouffage Hospitality, serving up a delicious roster of culinary offerings.

When they cater an event, they specialize in mini food, including their mini canapé, mini sandwiches, and even grilled steak pass-around services. They can also be playful, as in some of their events, you can spot a popcorn stand or an ice cream kiosk. Their Ramadan catering services are also quite special. To learn more, you can visit their Instagram page.

Umai (Egypt)

Fine dining and luxury have a special place in many people’s hearts. If that’s the type of scene you’re craving for your upcoming Iftar gathering, Egypt’s Umai is a great go-to option. This catering service is all about the fine details. They do it all for you, whether it’s customized menus, decor, or much more.

The food itself is special as well as its presentation. They even offer live cooking stations for that touch of entertainment. When it comes to Ramadan, you can expect a true culinary spread of unique salads like goat cheese, delicious appetizers like shrimp cocktails, and special main dishes like freshly grilled shish tawok and kofta.

To learn more about their services, you can give them a call on: +20100 0003459

Katal (Saudi Arabia)

Whatever party, whatever theme, Saudi Arabia’s catering service, Katal, knows how to serve up a literal feast for everyone to enjoy. Each of their menus perfectly fits with the occasion and they always know how to add a touch of flair.

Beyond their main dishes, their desserts are out of this world. For bookings and reservations, call 0505838557.

Nomad Eats Catering (Morocco)

This isn’t a catering company; it’s a one-man show operated by Driss, a chef, author, and caterer. He creates nomadic dining experiences for all types of events in Morocco. He’s unlike any caterer, as he introduces unique dishes to events, including his hung-smoked pineapple concept.

In a lot of his events, smoke will waft out of his many live cooking stations as delicious meals are whipped out live and before your eyes.

Along with that are the flamboyant decorations like extended tables with rows upon rows of multicolored feathers. If you want to throw a unique iftar, Driss is the man to call. To learn more, check out his Instagram page.

With all these caterers, you’ll be able to serve a special Iftar in a beautifully set-out dining space where the food will take center stage.

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