Elevate Your Ramadan Dessert Game With These Creative Treats From UAE’s Best

Along with eating the three classic Ramadan desserts, atayif, konafa, and basboosa, sometimes we crave something a little out-of-the-box.

In a lot of ways, we prefer the quick and easy store-bought desserts. Across the UAE, dessert shops dove into the Ramadan spirit and whipped out some super creative creations. Here are our top picks:

Mister Baker

Back in 1990, Mister Baker was born, opening at Dubai’s Karama on Zabeel Road. Several years later, they expanded to have 26 locations across Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Umm al Quwain, and Al Ain.

Today, with Ramadan in full swing, they have whipped out unique cakes and desserts. They do it all, from festive gift cakes to giant crescent moon delights, cakes perfect for 8 to 10 guests. They even have Tiramisu and Lotus dessert trays, as well as date pistachio mini cake, saffron mini cheesecake, and milk cakes in various flavors.

Stella’s Boutique Cafe

Housed within an ultra-chic cafe at Abu Dhabi’s Al Nahda Camp, Stella’s Boutique Cafe is all about local flavors with a touch of creativity. Their cakes are truly out-of-the-box, like their rose and halkoum cheesecake or their rahash cardamom cake.

When it comes to Ramadan, they don’t disappoint, especially this year, with their meringue flower pipe filled with Ramadan classics like pistachio and mango. They’re also bringing back their delicious phyllo cigarettes filled with Nutella and pistachio.

Du Blé Pastry & Bakery

Delivering across the UAE, Du Blé Pastry & Bakery is an Abu Dhabi-based dessert shop that specializes in customized cakes as well as their signature simple and sophisticated cakes, like their Mango passion fruit cake.

In Ramadan, they like to stick to the basics; on their menu, they have crescent-shaped cheesecake with pistachio. They also have a special Ramadan box filled with dessert bites made with pistachio, konafa, and the like.

Greenz Healthy & more

For health buffs, this holy month, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with Greenz Healthy & more, a UAE-based online dessert shop. They’re really healthy, as most of their desserts are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and refined sugar-free.

For Ramadan, they whipped out creative and equally healthy desserts. They also offer a delicious date roll cake filled with cardamom and cinnamon, mini pistachio tarts, and the Mahalabia cake topped with konafa hairs.


Giving you that much-needed sugar rush is the award-winning cake shop in Dubai known as Sugaholic. It has been making waves and winning awards, including the Zomato Best Desserts award. They’re a go-to for many during birthdays and events, taking all the stops to make gigantic creative cakes.

They also know how to make the most of the holy month through their equally creative desserts. They make everything from bento cakes to green Ramadan-themed cakesicles.

We have a feeling you’ll be able to up your dessert game this Ramadan by trying any of these unique creations across the UAE. Tell us if you tried any of these shops and, if so, which one was your favorite.

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