Masar Egbari: Unravelling Five Themes Of This Gripping Family Drama

Many of us were eagerly waiting for ‘Massar Egbari,’ especially knowing that it’d reunite Ahmed Dash and Moaz Nabil after 10 years since their role in ‘La Mokhazha.’ When ‘Masar Egbari’ finally aired, it proved to be a rich multi-themed drama that kept us on the edge of our seats.
Let’s go through our favorite major themes tackled by the show:

*Spoiler Alert*


The beating heart of the show is the fact that its main characters Ali (Essam Omar) and Hussein (Ahmed Dash) are actually brothers. In the first episode, the two find out that their father, Omar (Mahmoud Al Bezzawy), married both their moms, and since then, they have become intertwined in each other’s lives.

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The first three episodes were steeped in a string of betrayals caused by the father, the kind that was heavy and multi-layered as it affected more than one party.

The two mothers were agonized when they found out they shared a husband. Then there were Ali and Hussein, who felt betrayed on two fronts: their mothers and themselves.


Even if the father was absent from the lives of the two sons and their mothers, he was important to all of them. When he was killed in the hospital, the two families were going to plan separate funerals.

But there was a beautiful scene where Hussein went to Ali, telling him he couldn’t do it alone. That was when the two families came together to grieve the man connecting their lives together.


Beyond the family drama, the show gives us a realistic take on the two brothers operating their own businesses, whether it’s Hussein’s food truck or Ali’s private tutoring classes. It mimics the entrepreneurial spirit of the Egyptian community, showcasing their ability to make ends meet through a smart business.

Financial Debt

The moment their father died, the two brothers entered into a spiral of debt that included unreturned checks. This domino effect threw them into a world of financial strain. Yet again, it’s a realistic portrayal of the problems faced by many families.

Realistic, heavy, and addictive, these five themes are the core of the show and are an indication of what’s yet to come for the remaining episodes.

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