A Look Into ALS Through Tara Emad’s Performance in the “Mystery Box”

This season of Ramadan shows have spanned beyond mere entertainment and many of the shows are coming in strong with new conversation. This is the case with a recent episode of the Ramadan show “Mystery Box” introducing us to a character diagnosed with ALS. The show itself revolves around three friends who keep receiving boxes filled with items linked to missing persons. In episode 5, they receive a box that is linked to the disappearance of Alia played by captivating Tara Emad.

As the trio attempt to uncover who is Alia, we get to watch snippets of her life before her disappearance. We learn that Alia was a bubbly violinist who ended up joining an orchestra where she married one of the violinists and lived a happy life only to later discover that she has ALS. The first time we get introduced to ALS is when Alia’s doctor explains its symptoms. ALS is a rare neurological disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that are involved with muscle control where a person diagnosed with ALS will begin losing motor function of their hands and even their face…not great for a violinist.

It was a completely tragic discovery meaning an end to Alia’s career. Through the show, we got to witness how much ALS is a difficult illness to live with, with an effective scene where Emad performed for the first time in a long while in front of a live audience only to find herself unable to control the muscles in her hands.

Beyond the show, Emad used social media to raise even more awareness around ALS. In a recent Instagram post, she expressed how even though there is no cure, catching the illness early on especially during childhood can help to ease the treatment. This kind of awareness that began with a TV episode and then spread to social media showcases the importance of using TV to shine a light on important topics.

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