French-Based Designer Sandro Teams Up With Artist Louis Barthélemy For A Moroccan-Inspired Capsule Collection

French fashion company, Sandro has collaborated with multidisciplinary artist and designer, Louis Barthélemy who is based between Marrakech, Cairo and Paris for a summer capsule collection inspired by Morroco including a tote bag creation dubbed the ‘ Kasbah Bag.’

The bag with camel leather exterior is painted beige with warm colors of burgundy, turquoise, orange, yellow and green. With detailed floral patterns and sunscapes, the creation is fully hand-embroidered of Moroccan-inspired scenes.

Barthélemy took to Instagram just today, April 13, to reflect on his vision of the collection, saying, “this shared desire to celebrate Morocco and its know-how was at the heart of the creative partnership between SANDRO and myself. Evelyne Chetrite, Founder and Artistic Director of the brand, wanted the collection to be in the spirit of a modern fresco. I imagined bright graphics inspired by scenes of Moroccan life. I was particularly inspired by Mohamed Ben Ali R’bati, considered the first modern painter of Morocco.”

The tote bag is only a part of the summer collection between Sandro and Barthélemy; which is set to include everything from tote bags to scarves.

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