Fashion Meets Sustainability: Future Bedouin Launches An Eco-Friendly Show

Artist, Future Bedouin who designs pieces between Dubai and Riyadh is launching a new exciting creative project. Blending fashion and sustainability, the artist is launching an eco-friendly fashion show with pieces made completely out of recycled materials, the artist took to their Instagram to highlight the upcoming collection captured midst the dunes of Saudi.

Hanging on camels, the vibrant collection ranges from bomber jackets to bags hung with the vibrant colors contrasting with sandy dunes.

Though not much is revealed about the collection, the artist captioned the teaser on the Instagram post saying, “it’s a true celebration of fashion and eco-consciousness that inspires for a better, sustainable future!”

Aside from the lively balloon-esque collection, Future Bedouin has recently been creating artwork commemorating the holy month of Ramadan with a pillowy blush Ramadan tent with people gathered around it almost in prayer position with a striking pink moon bringing the piece together.

Let us know in the comments your favorite piece by Future Bedouin.

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