Looking At Utopic Arabia: The Account Capturing Dubai With CGI Magic

The art of CGI has been reshaping the art industry in more ways than one. From creating future-esque cities, aging and de-aging in the entertainment industry to creating wanderlust pieces. In the Middle East, particularly, there have copious accounts on social media that are bringing that vision to life; making you feel like you’ve hopped on a plane the minute you’ve scrolled through their feed. But one account stood out to us, especially for its dreamlike, vibrant feel.

Dubbed, “Utopic Arabia” the account creates incredible CGI pieces under the mission of ‘an extraordinary vision into the Middle East.’ With that, let’s take a look through some of the account’s photos keeping the magic alive.

Their latest creation, posted March 29, is a timely one commemorating the holy month of Ramadan; a gold and white playful-shaped mosque with a dome-shaped roof paired with a caption saying “Ramadan Kareem.”

With a royal blue aesthetic, reminiscent of a cool club vibe, the art piece of arches upon arches of pillowy layers strikes a dramatic look to an otherwise historic-looking street.

Baymax but make it Arab. This animated piece evocative of the Big Hero 6 character makes it seem as if they’re guarding the Sahara Desert.

Shooting a perfect shot with this vibrant pink is the ‘enigmatic shelter in a lost village in the desert.’ It’s difficult not to see that the village is created to look like a polaroid camera.

Creating a unique blend between harshness and warm colors, the cacti piece in the middle of the Sahara captures feelings of unsettling calmness.

Utopic Arabia has created much more copious work, let us know in the comments which one is your favorite.

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