Irish-Egyptian Artist Rafik Greiss Showcases At The Louvre

Commemorating the 230th anniversary of the Louvre, the historical French museum put on a unique exhibition back in January that brought together an eclectic range of artists from across the globe who all connect with their tethered relationship to the City of Love.

Coming from different backgrounds that range from poetry to fashion and everything in between, the exhibition brought together artists that all created an experimental three-minute film, showcasing how they perceive the Louvre.

Rafik Greiss is, an Irish-born Egyptian artist based in Paris, France. The 25-year-old was among twenty contemporary artists under the age of forty that got to showcase their films at the Louvre in celebration of the iconic’s museum’s anniversary. With a video focusing on space and art that blends archive footage, with the aim of highlighting notions of memory and nature.

Greiss’ eclectic photography has been previously featured in British Vogue, Interview Magazine and more.

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