Here’s Why Viewers Are Loving Kamel El Adad

The family Ramadan show “Kamel El Adad” has got people talking. The story revolves around Ahmed (Sherif Salama) and Laila (Dina El Sherbiny), who end up falling in love during a trip but once they return, they are shocked to discover that each of them have kids of their own, a whopping seven in total. The show really picks up when the couple gets married, decides to become a family and live together in one house very much against their kids wishes.

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Beyond its fun and playful plot, the one aspect of the show that everyone loves is how it’s lighthearted and simple. If you haven’t already noticed, a lot of this year’s Ramadan show lineup is focusing on serious and heavy topics whether it’s Amina Khalil’s “El Harsha El Sabaa” exploring the difficulties of a seven year marriage or Nelly Karim’s Umla Nadira that unravels her struggle to get her son’s inheritance after her husband’s death. That is why a lot of viewers found “Kamel El Adad” to be a breathe of fresh air this Ramadan season.

Viewers also love how the show is introducing many new young faces to the screen; all the children of Ahmed and Laila are considered to be fresh new actors. A lot of viewers were surprised at the exceptional acting chops of these young talents. One scene in particular caught everyone’s attention when Laila’s son Shareef (Hamza Diab) comforted his sister Amina (Jessica Hossam) after she realized that her biological father wants nothing to do with her. It revealed a refreshing level of maturity from Diab where one twitter user applauded his performance.

Overall, “Kamel El Adad” is a great show because of how it’s keeping us on our toes as the couple are constantly trying to tame the chaos of seven angry kids. We especially love getting to see how the kids are scheming together to get their parents to break up and how they’re constantly failing. With that experience, the kids are bonding and eventually learning to live as a family. It’s heartwarming and it’s the kind of show that makes you appreciate having siblings and a big family in general.

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