With Its Second Episode Out: Here’s What Everyone Thinks Of The Unapologetic and Raw Show Al Harsha Al Sabaa

Al Harsha Al Sabaa (The Seven Year Itch) is the one Ramadan show that is giving viewers an unapologetic and honest look into the ins and outs of a marriage this Ramadan. It follows high school sweethearts Adam (Mohamed Shahin) and Nadine (Amina Khalil) during the first year of their marriage. Throughout the two episodes, we get to go through several time jumps with the couple and witness their biggest struggles and moments of conflict. When it comes to how the show was received, many viewers felt a mixed bag of emotions with the biggest being of fear. A lot of viewers claimed that it’s the kind of show that will make people think twice before they decide to get married.

The reason behind this kind of mindset is the show offering a realistic depiction of a married couple. With many scenes from the show, there is a lot of relatable content like Nadine, being a bored stay-at-home wife who feels ignored by her husband who comes back from work tired. This one specific conundrum found many viewers relating to the show.

The two episodes saw camera work that makes the viewers feel like they are up, close and personal with the couple, witnessing their story first-hand. Many of the scenes were also long and drawn out, some even lasting 10 minutes to mimic the realistic longevity of conversations between couples.

The overall ongoing reaction does make sense as the show teeters along a thin line between reality and fiction and doesn’t go for the run-of-a-mill typical sappy romance story. At the end of the day, it depicts a typical marriage and everything that comes with it.

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