Youssef Ramadan Makes History By Nabbing Virginia Tech’s First NCAA Swimming Title

Across the Atlantic ocean, all the way at Minneapolis, Egypt’s Youssef Ramadan proved to be a true powerhouse when he won an exciting race against Florida University’s Josh Liendo, completing a 100m butterfly in only 43.15 seconds. The victory made Youssef the second fastest swimmer of all time in NCAA Championship history but also helped him make history for Virginia Tech.

His win marked the first ever-national swimming title for Virginia Tech, making the university the 72nd school in NCAA’s entire history to have nabbed a winning title in an individual men’s championship. Last year, Ramadan also earned a high finish in Virginia tech history when he was placed third in the 100m butterfly competition. Even before then, for the past 3 years, he has been pushing to nab the NCAA title and make history, “there were some points where I was scared. People were faster than me and had more experience than me. I had faith in myself and I knew I had my team with me and my home (in my heart)” said Ramadan to Swimming World Magazine.

Beyond this victory, Ramadan was always the kind of swimmer who pushed the mold like how he had his Olympic debut when he was just 19 years old where he qualified for the semi-finals of the men’s 100m butterfly event. At the prestigious event, he was able to break the national Egyptian record with a 51.67 seconds swim in the quarter finals. With so many impressive titles and records under his belt, we cannot wait to see what else is in store for the successful swimmer.

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