From Kaftans To Kimonos: The Ultimate Collection Of Cute & Affordable Outfits For This Ramadan Season

Every Ramadan, we all like to dress up in new and stylish outfits to commemorate the season with the usual go-to being a flowy kaftan or an intricately designed abaya. With the current hike in prices both locally and regionally, it’s getting harder to find reasonably priced brands to spend our money on and that is why we have put together a collection of online local stores that offer affordable and cute outfits to mark the special month.

ROS Designs

Specialized in colorful and themed outfits, ROS Designs owned by Nada Saleh is the local brand that knows how to bring a funky touch to its Ramadan collection. Their kaftans and abayas alone are playful and fun like their Eye Hearts Kaftan designed with multiple red, green, yellow and blue hearts with winking eyes in the middle or their Abaya Trath, a multicolored, multipatterned abaya with colorful tassels. What’s great is that their prices are pretty reasonable ranging from 800 to 1000 EGP.


Since 2014, Frillu, the local women’s clothing brand has been doing it all from offering denim, coats and jackets to formal workwear but they also have a special collection called “The Ramadan Edit” made specially for the holy month. Going for a more simple design, most of their outfits are of one color like their brown Marrakech linen kimono or their white linen dress. Each piece is very light and stylish and can be paired with some fun jewelry for an added fun touch. When it comes to their prices, they go from 900 EGP up to 1550 EGP.


Born out of the passion of fashion designer, Farah El Ashiry, Fufa came to life back in 2014 and brought with it a fresh concept to the world of fashion. Their tagline says it all “bohemian clothing for artsy souls and free spirited travelers” and that is exactly what they offer. Every piece they make is created for a community with a passion for travel, music, art and freedom. Their entire Ramadan collection does give off that vibe with their pastel colored prayer isdals with wide flowy sleeves, each costing 700 EGP or their Angel Wings Kaftan Karade packed with rich patterns and a crochet trim, costing 950 EGP.

The Fit

Bringing something completely different to the fold, The Fit is the local brand all about kimonos, hats, sets and more. Founded by Egyptian designer Passent Afifi, the brand specializes in a unique get-up of a stylish fedora, sunglasses and kimono, calling it a complete set or ‘The Fit’. Each of their looks gives off a boho chic vibe like their hooded sweater kimonos that come in grey, brown, black and many other colors. Their prices are pretty great with their average being 950 LE and it can increase if anything is customized.

Sara Elemary

Known to specialize in “revolutionary modest wear”, the local fashion brand owned by Egyptian Canadian modest influencer Sara Elemary is all about stylish yet modest outfits. When it comes to Ramadan, the brand’s picks are all about the pleats with their coolest outfit being the apple pleated straight dress. Wearing it will make you feel like you are coming straight out of royalty and because of its rich material and design, the piece costs 6000 LE. For a more affordable piece, you can go for their vibrant oversize orange kaftan costing 4550 LE.

Satisfashion Collection

Bringing the most eclectic range of Ramadan outfits this season is the Satisfashion collection owned by local brand Bazic. Their Ramadan collection alone has it all from shoulder cutout fringe dresses and a zebra kaftan dress to a day silk set in bright neon green, all ranging from 1200 to 1900 LE. They also have cute shoes including their sun and moon white mules and their patterned black mules, both for 550 LE.

Nesaa Online

Bringing style, elegance and flair to your Ramadan nights is the local clothing brand Nesaa online. When it comes to their Ramadan collection, they are all about bold dresses including their Eden dress that come in purple, fuschia and gold, all for 1850 LE as well as their crushed satin dresses that come in green and beige for 1200 LE. For a more boho chic vibe, they also have flowing light poncho dresses for 1150 LE.

DnD Designs

With local brand DnD Designs, expect intricately woven designs and elaborate looks in their latest Ramadan collection. Some of their coolest outfits include their white sheer kaftan embroidered with shiny half-moon and star motifs costing 1350 LE and their chic black and white patterned kaftan costing 1100 LE that will bring a classy touch to your Ramadan nights.


Since 1996, Carina, the infamous Egyptian clothing brand has been offering women high quality everyday essentials. Continuing their legacy, the brand released its latest Ramadan collection that has everything from light kimonos to maxi dresses in fun and vibrant prints, all at affordable prices that range from 600 to 1000 EGP.


The local Egyptian brand Civvy knows how to keep it authentic and stick to its roots by creating eclectic collections made from 100% Egyptian cotton, with each of their looks offering approachable contemporary designs. For Ramadan, they have a great new collection especially their simple one-color linen kimonos wrapped in a stylish cotton belt costing only 590 LE.


Known for their vibrant and colorful backpacks, laptop sleeves, fanny packs and tote bags, Yawza is the Egyptian local brand there to add a pop of color and fun to any classroom, lecture hall or work space. Beyond that, the brand specializes in unique kimonos and for Ramadan they went out all out with loud, colorful prints including their Helio Long Satin Kimono splayed in multi-colored palm frond and sun shapes. At Yawza, all their kimonos cost 1200 EGP and be purchased from their online store.

Nahla El Alfy Designs

The design house owned by Egyptian fashion designer Nahla El Alfy is one that places a lot of passion into the creation process behind each piece. For Ramadan, the brand brought that same passion to create vivid and intricately designed kimonos, dresses and the like. Some of their coolest designs include an African inspired kaftan decked out in vivid colors like yellow and green that costs . They also have a beautiful satin off-white printed kimono splayed in marble like patterns. Most of their Ramadan pieces cost around 1000 to 1600 LE.

With that, you’ve got a great collection of online local brands to choose from, all reasonably priced yet equally stylish to commemorate and celebrate this festive month.

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