Are Kaftans a Must-Have Wardrobe Essential This Summer?

“Can I wear that to work?” is a question that most of us, women, ask to ourselves on a daily basis, especially when we’re online shopping or making life decisions in a dressing room.

For those of us who spend their 9 to 5 at an office, we often find our wardrobes filled with ‘office-appropriate’ garments. You have to always put into consideration whether what you’re wearing is too casual or too fancy!

Lately, my co-workers and I have been mulling over one particular item, the famed Kaftan. Is it ultra-fancy for a day out? Or is it actually the perfect mid-summer look? I believe that today’s Kaftans are a lot more modern.

A Kaftan meets our entire list of requirements; it’s a humidity-proof outfit, it’s breezy, relaxed, and so comfortable, yet surprisingly elegant! You can’t really get that from just any summer dress. So without further ado, here’s a list of Arab Kaftan designers who are definitely going to give you a fashion fever!

Capa Women’s Wear

Capa is the Egyptian home for modest attire; all of their designs are a mixture of light, simple, and elegant. Their dresses and kaftans are the signature for all empowered Middle Eastern women. You should check out their branches in Cairo, Dubai, and Jeddah.

Dress Code

If you’re on the look for a cocktail, evening, or a party dress, or even relaxed Kaftans, the Egyptian Dress Code is the store for you! Check out their Ramadan-themed Kaftans on their Instagram account.

Hamda Al-Fahim

The Emirati Blogger and Designer, Hamda, is my all time favorite. Her taste in choosing the fabrics when designing her dresses and kaftans is just out of this world. She really has a very unique and rich style when sketching her designs.

Urban Arabesque

You can’t go wrong with Urban Arabesque; silky dresses are my all time favorite. Almost all of this brand’s designs revolve around comfy, flowy, and extremely feminine style that is just to die for. I highly advise you to check them out.

Maison Chic

The Kuwaiti brand can offer you the perfect balance between the traditional Kaftan and the modern style. In a way, it managed to create the perfect dress that you can wear during a beautiful mid-summer day.


Bambah is an online store based in Dubai, I have recently discovered this brand and I instantly fell in love with it. I have to admit that I’ve always been a sucker for feminine, silky, flawy kind of dresses, and I believe most of us girly girls out there would definitely relate. Check out their website for amazing promotions.

Designers Empire

This Dubai-based women’s wear is for all luxurious ladies out there! They design all of their dresses and Kaftans with a signature twist, making sure that you would stand out in any crowd.

Marina Qureshi

This classy ready-to-wear women’s brand has all your list of requirements. From the traditional yet modern kind of look to extravagant yet simple dresses that would surely make you stand out at any occasion.

Samya Harem

Samya Harem is the haute couture fashion designer and owner of this Tunisian brand. The fabrics she uses and the way these dresses flow in style are suitable for every occasion. Not to mention the Kaftans that she designs, of course, they’re simply perfect for a dreamy summer day.

WE SAID THIS: Kaftans are timeless. I never leave home without a few when I’m traveling because you never know where you’re going to end up needing one