The New Trend? Looking At Ramadan 2023’s 15 Episode Shows

With only a few days into Ramadan, you’re not just thinking about what you’re going to eat for iftar or sohour or who you’re going to host but you’re making a calculated list of the shows that you’re going to be watching across the 30 days. It’s the Super Bowl of shows after all.

Spanning genres featuring top celebrities, this Ramadan has a copious number of shows to filter through. So to keep things organized and aim for the promising ones that hopefully don’t veer off into unnecessary plot details we’ll be highlighting 15-episode shows that are currently airing or will air in the second half of Ramadan.

El Sofara

For that hint of fantasy, Ahmed Amin is starring this Ramadan in El Sofara or The Whistle. Blurring the lines between comedy and sci-fi. Though not much is revealed yet about the plot from the opening episodes, we’re definitely expecting more laughs and Bedazzled/ Teer Enta vibes of shifting through several characters to achieve one’s dreams.

Taht El Weseyah

During the second half of Ramadan, Mona Zaki stars in Taht El Weseyah or Under Guardianship alongside Diab, Maha Nassr and many more. In just 15 episodes, we’ll be on the edge of our seats as we follow Zaki’s character post her husband’s passing and the responsibility of raising her children alone. The show is written by Shereen and Khaled Diab and directed by Mohamed Shakr Khoder.

Elakah Mashrooaha

Mai Omar and Yasser Galal are starring together this Ramadan in Elakah Mashrooaha after their success in El Fetewa. It’s clear that the pair are going to be hitting us the most with family drama.


Name a better duo than Mohamed Mamdouh and Reham Abdel Ghafour, we’ll wait. The stars are co-starring in Rasheed, a thriller that across 15 episodes will be showcasing, hopefully, two multi-dimensional characters as they go through different stages of wealth and society; the good and the bad.

Tagheer Gaw

Following Betlouh Rouh’s smashing success, Menna Shalaby returns the second half of Ramadan with another 15-episode, Tagheer Gaw or A Change of Scenery along with Eyad Nassar who is transporting us to Lebanon. But if there’s one thing for sure, the transportation is going to be a bumpy, dramatic adventure and we’re here for it. This is the second show that joins Shalaby and Nassar together following Haret Al Yahoud or Jews Alley. The show will air during the second half of Ramadan.

Gaat Saleema

Donia Samir Ghanem is finally returning this Ramadan to our screens with her show, Gaat Saleema. A light comedy sprinkled with hints of Fantasy as we follow Saleema on a journey that is still to be unraveled during the second half of Ramadan. Ghanem is accompanied by actors Mohamed Sallam and Samy Maghawry and more.

El Harsha El Sabaa

El Harsha El Sabaa or The Seventh Year Itch starring Amina Khalil, Aly Qassem, Mohamed Shahin and Asmaa Galal as they tackle well you guessed it… the drama or the joys that come post-the first seven years of marriage. The writer and the director behind the familial show are the same team that created Take Care of Zeze, Mariam Naoum’s Sard and Karim El-Shenawy.

There are many more shows that are 15, less than 20 or even 10 episodes but we’ve chosen to look at the ones above. Let us know in the comments if you’re a fan of 15-episode Ramadan shows.

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