From A Gripping First Episode To A Meme-worthy Plot: 5 Successful Ramadan Show Elements!

With the start of Ramadan, the holy month ushers in an array of diverse shows. A competition between entertainment creatives who aim to produce the most-watched show that year. But what really constitutes a successful Ramadan show? Here’s a checklist of things to look out for when you’re deciding on which shows to watch this year and which shows to skip.

Gripping First Episode

There are many factors that go into making a show, well good. But what’s really important is having a strong start. A strong opener and ending for the first episode are what determine that people will want to continue with this show, in the midst of the sea of shows airing throughout the month.

Avoid Long, Repetitive Episodes

Aside from a bold start, it is crucial for a show to have quick and to-the-point episodes. Meaning episodes that don’t drag on with plot holes and stretching of subplots without actually having something meaningful or twisty happen. It is also not so great when the show repeats almost 15 minutes from the prior episode that aired. If a show has these issues then maybe you shouldn’t continue watching it?

A Show That Discusses Important Issues

Not every show has to be purposeful, but when a show touches on a subject that is often not discussed, particularly at a time when everyone is watching TV, it can definitely become a standout show. A good example of this is “Khali Balak Men Zeze.” The 2021 Ramadan hit was not only an entertaining one but it also started an important conversation regarding ADHD.

A Show That Is Meme-worthy

One of the key factors that contribute to the success of a Ramadan show is when the characters are meme-worthy. Doesn’t matter if the show is good or bad, when everyone is talking about a particular show on social media and creating hilarious memes, you just want to be part of this conversation; therefore making it a show that you would want to watch.

An Unskippable Intro Song

There are so many strong Ramadan shows song intros, but what is quite memorable is the one sung by Elissa for Ghada Abdel Razek’s “Ma Sebk El Esrar.” Not only was it a powerful song, but the animated video was also pretty unforgettable. A great, unskippable intro makes you look forward to the show even more because it is like you’ve already started watching as the intro begins.

While there are many aspects that make a Ramadan show worthwhile for a viewer to watch until the very last episode, these are a few of the core points. What makes or kills a show for you?

WE SAID THIS: Ramadan shows require several ingredients to be a hit, but they can just as easily go bland.