An Out-Of-The-Box Iftar Within The Historical Interiors Of The Victoria & Albert Museum

Bringing a taste of the East all the way to the West, for the first time ever, some of London’s most iconic landmarks will transform into Ramadan iftar spots. One of the coolest first spots that has already opened up to the public is the Victoria & Albert Museum home to an extensive collection of everything from ancient Chinese ceramics to Alexander McQueen evening dresses.

All across its lavish halls splayed with massive paintings will be stretched out table runners where water, chocolate coated dates and lamb or vegetable Biryani will be served. What’s great is that its completely free of charge and anyone is welcome to come inside and break their fast within the interiors of the Victoria & Albert museum.

Earlier London embraced Ramadan with the famous London Piccadilly Circus lighting up with Ramadan decorations. London Mayor Sadiq Khan switched on 30,000 lights to commemorate the festive month while a “Happy Ramadan” LED sign was hung above Coventry street. Overall, it’s great to see the holy month celebrated around the world and taking on a more global influence and significance.

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