From DIY Shawarma To Whimsical Mexican: These Are The Ultimate Out-Of-The-Box Suhoor Spots Across Cairo

With just two days to go before Ramadan, you are probably already feeling the festive spirit and are excited for all the iftar gatherings, the exciting 2023 Ramadan shows you’ll watch and most importantly, all the night spots you will hit up for a filling suhoor across Cairo. Now, if you are craving a fresh and new suhoor experience unlike that of last year, we’ve got you covered with some cool spots to consider next time you’re eating out at night during Ramadan.


If suhoor to you means a full fledged Ramadan tent, then New Cairo’s Taghmisa at Arabella Country Club is the place to go. Imagine sitting within a soaring high gigantic black tent, with rows of string lights twinkling across the ceiling and in the very front is a stage showcasing everything from a tanoura dance to Hasaballah’s Band belting it out. The Taghmisa tent has been a crowd favorite since 2016, every year managing to top their Ramadan vibes.

Taghmisa is all about an authentic Egyptian experience especially through its eclectic menu of breakfast staples including their signature Eish Taghmisa (bread that is more like feteer, fluffy and rich in texture), their cheddar omellete (buttery and light) and their Alexandrian sujuk (sausages cooked with peppers and onions that are packed with flavor). For dessert, you have to try their Zalabice which is made of fried zalabya dough covered in either Lotus or Nutella spread topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. If you want to enjoy all that Taghmisa has to offer, you can reserve a table by calling: 0100 050 8090


Suhoor does not have to mean eating authentic Egyptian food within a traditional and oriental tent, sometimes we want to just have a burger or some pizza instead. That is why a fun and unconventional spot to dine at during Ramadan nights would be at Gracias. This colorful and flamboyant joint is one of the best Mexican spots all across Cairo and every Ramadan, they up their game when it comes to their creative suhoor menu.

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Within the bustling hub of Arkan Plaza in Sheikh Zayed, from 9 pm to 3 am every Ramadan night, Gracias becomes Hawari El Mekseek and takes on its suhoor persona. During those Ramadan nights, two worlds come together creating an Oriental Mexican fusion whether through their Foul with Pico De Gallo, mozzarella stuffed falafel or Peri’s Labna, their labna flavored with pomegranate molasses, mint, olives and pistachio. To enjoy their whimsical meals and exciting vibes, you can reserve a spot by calling this number: 0122 579 6925

Al Markeb

Fancy dining while travelling across the glistening waters of the Nile lit by moonlight? Then Al Markeb is a great choice to change up your suhoor experience. You’ll get to take a boat from Corniche El Nile in Maadi and dine while enjoying panoramic views of the Nile, the true beating heart of Cairo.

Along with the boat ride, the experience also includes spending time at a picturesque and charming garden along the Nile decorated with bright twinkling lights, bean bags and Ramadan streamers. At this brightly lit garden, family and friends can enjoy a gorgeous live violin performance. The whole vibe is the kind makes you want to stay up past sunrise and into the early morning hours that eventually lead up to iftar. To experience this unique suhoor spot, you can book a spot on the boat by calling any of these numbers: 01069692457, 01095810150, 01019686822 or 01100779551


Imagine getting to get your own qedra (the large jug were fava beans are traditionally cooked) that you can feed yourself foul from? Labash, the eatery all about interactivity and customization does just that. This popular joint is known for serving mini shawerma on a vertical rotisserie along with bread and sauces. Think mini DIY sharwerma station where customers get to assemble and make the sandwiches themselves. Now take that same concept and apply it to Ramadan and you get an entire qedra.

Every suhoor, you get a giant qedra with a ladle accompanied by falafel, white cheese with tomatoes, omelette as well as an empty paper bowl for the foul. You can fill that bowl with foul to your heart’s delight, splash in some olive oil, some spices of choice and devour with a piece of bread. Along with the food, a great homey touch is that Labash also serves yogurt and fresh fruit yogurt drinks to help with digestion after the heavy meal. To indulge in this fun experience during Ramadan, make sure to call them using this number to book a place: 0100 830 1797

3al Dikka

Let’s take a step outside the bustling city and into the tranquil and calm world of the countryside at 3al Dikka, an open air restaurant on the outskirts of Cairo. For 6 years, they have been hosting unique suhoor nights at different countryside locations with last year’s spot being at Saqqara village, 35 minutes from the center of Cairo. Over there are endless desert sand peaks, palm trees and horses, a truly unforgettable experience.

When it comes to the food, you’ll get to dine on traditional Egyptian cuisine made fresh by the locals of the countryside. 3al Dikka boasts an eco-friendly dining experience especially through its farm-to-table approach. The entire experience is down-to-earth and simple as you’ll get to sit with family and friends around several large metal trays laid out with dishes like potatoes, stuffed vein leaves and chicken. You can head to this unique suhoor spot by booking a spot through this number: 01064092286

Each of these suhoor spots across Cairo offer something different and will surely up your late night dining experience this upcoming Ramadan. Just be sure to call before heading to any of these spots as they can get full pretty quickly also a good idea would be to ask for prices beforehand.

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