From Mexican To Greek: 8 Diverse Sohour Places In The Heart Of Egypt

Sohour, a most special meal consumed just before it’s time to begin fasting. Naturally, some go for a light nutritious Sohour to ease the fasting process…that being said we can’t help temptation. Restaurants across Egypt have been growing their Sohour game to levels we simply can not resist, for this reason we are going to bring you the best Sohour hot spots across the country. The sohour hunt will involve restaurants that have checked the list: Ramadan ambiance, tasty dishes, and must-see locations. If there is a time to pursue culinary tourism it’s now, with food being a main theme this month and an integral component of our culture and heritage.

Gracias EG – Cairo

This restaurant, which is located in Sheikh Zayed, Giza’s 26th of July Corridor, is ideal for Mexican food lovers! This restaurant serves an incredible sohour that’s quite unique, to say the least. An amazing blend of Egyptian and Mexican cuisines infused together to present you with an exceptional Ramadan sohour experience. Make sure to drink lots of water. Let me tell you something: the Enchiladas they serve there are out of this world. This is in addition to the vibrant Ramadan vibes that pervade this place. But wait, there’s more, GraciasEG’s brisket tacos are your go-to Sohour meal. Yes, Mexican food for Sohour, we’re all for it. The Sheikh Zayed environment is full of flavor, make sure to it up the City Walk, where you’ll be able to have a great cup of tea from any of the wonderful shops that stay open until you start fasting again.

Abdo Kofta – Port Said

Abdo Kofta, based in Port Said, is known for a wide range of foods, including grilled Kofta and grape leaves. The fact that this restaurant is in Port Said adds to the uniqueness of the experience. This is a city famed for its delectable cuisine and is a refuge for those who enjoy grilled meat and fish. Whoever said you couldn’t have kofta for sohour must’ve been joking. This is a restaurant where you may go for a delicious meal and leave feeling completely satisfied. So, if you’re in Port Said, Abdo Kofta is a must-visit restaurant for both Iftar and Sohour. Don’t forget to have a ride in a maadeya and view the one and only “el borg.”

Sheesh Beesh – Alexandria

Sheesh Beesh, located in the heart of Alexandria, is an amazing restaurant that will provide you with a unique sohour experience. Egyptian comfort cuisine is unique, and Alexandrians are familiar with these dishes. Sausage, like liver, is very much a part of the Alexandrian identity. That is why, not only at Sheesh Beesh, but also in Alexandria, you will enjoy a delectable flavor of liver. The Alexandrian fried beef liver with spicy flavors like cumin, garlic, cardamom, and chili peppers is their specialty. A classic meal that will warm your heart and refresh your spirit. While you’re in Alexandria, why not have some mouth-watering rice pudding from Saber.

Namliyah – Hurghada

Hurghada, diving? Not this time. Namliya serves exceptional Egyptian cuisine. Hurghada is recognized for its diverse cuisines, but what sets Namliyah apart is that it is one of the few restaurants in the city that has maintained its Egyptian character through foods that reflect our history and roots, and if that’s not enough, the restaurant’s oriental sausage is out of this world. It stands out for its variety and rich taste. Following this feast, be sure to take a walk on the beach.

Caracon – Suez

A hidden gem in Suez; Caracon offers delicious Egyptian food that makes it a special food place in the historical city of Suez. From plates of pasta to sausages, Caracon offers a wonderful experience like no other. It’s a unique restaurant in that it serves a limited menu, but the taste is unrivaled. As a result, the food it serves is quite spectacular, and many Egyptians can relate to it. Moreover, travelers will be astounded by the flavor and quality of this amazing restaurant when they visit.

Le Chantilly – Cairo

A classic restaurant serving European-Swiss cuisine in the center of Heliopolis, Cairo. You might be wondering what this has to do with Sohour? Well, this place has a range of meatloaf with fried eggs platters that will definitely suit your sohour preferences. The gorgeous look and historic architecture that this location offers are what draw people here. Hidden deep within the majestic Heliopolis is a golden egg known as “La Chantilly.” The Katayef from Le Chantilly tastes like heaven this Ramadan. Also, their specialty is pizza, and for a brief moment, you’d think you were in Napoli! So, if you’re in Heliopolis, don’t miss out on Le Chantilly.

Rolls – Damietta

This restaurant in Damietta serves an incredible variety of cheesy pasta meals that reinvent how cheese and pasta should be combined. Rolls serve this new cheese and pasta mixture unique to them. We recommend Damietta for its history and sightseeing and for Roll’s exceptional cheese and pasta dish, we recommend paying them a visit; you won’t be disappointed with the quality or quantity of the food.

Scala – Alexandria

Scala is one of Alexandria’s finest Mediterranean restaurants and a force to be reckoned with. It has an extensive menu that includes some of the tastiest falafel wraps and chicken avocado sandwiches you’ve ever had. Scala will provide you with a one-of-a-kind sohour all the way from Greece. There’s also a specialty there: healthy dishes that don’t have a lot of calories. Scala serves a delicious salmon and avocado salad that will make you want to return for more. The food quality is outstanding, but the passion with which it is prepared, as well as the health considerations that this establishment takes into account when making unique dishes, is extraordinary. Be sure to grab an ice cream cone or two from Gelati Azza!

Feeling hungry yet? Go enjoy some sohour in one of these places and you’ll understand what magic is made of!

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